Picture this: I’m in a hotel room, getting ready to attend a wedding, rocking out to a Rolling Stones concert that just happened to be on TV:

“You make a grown man cryyyy. You make a grown man cryyyy.”

Yup, that was me, blow-dryer microphone and all…letting out my inner rock star. YES!! lol

As you’ll see on today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I’m coming at you live from my hotel room in LA. I’m here for a dear friend’s wedding…a very busy travel month for sure!

But during my impromptu “rock-out” with the Rolling Stones, it struck me that there is a HUGE message here: the secrets to Mick Jagger’s success…and it really has nothing to do with his voice.

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It was fascinating. I was at my booth at the National Women’s Show in Toronto, and again and again, women from all walks of life came up to me, poured out their hearts, and said:

“But Jacquie, how do I deal with criticism and the haters out there?”

Wow. There was definitely a reoccurring theme going on. And it made me realize that so many people struggle with the same issue: how to fend off the critics.

I can relate. Dealing with criticism isn’t easy. Insults can really hurt and shake our confidence.

But if we want to create anything meaningful in this world, it’s important to develop a strategy for handling those nasty critics…because it is going to happen. And that’s what today’s Jacquie Straight Up is all about…click above to watch.

This week on Jacquie Straight Up, I’m thrilled to be coming at you from the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I’m here to participate in the National Women’s Show on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and already it has been one wild ride.

From a radio interview on a top-rated show, to a national TV interview, to gearing up for my speech on the main stage, it’s been a very productive and exhilarating time. And I still have three more days to interact with the thousands of women who will be coming by the show! I so love meeting new people…can’t wait!

But enough about my schedule.

I wanted to talk to you about the value of travel, and how it can build your courage and confidence, and ultimately help you build the life you want.

I’m back from France, and my place is buzzing with WAY more action and energy than usual right now.

I’m in full-blown preparation mode, as I’m heading to Toronto next week to be a guest speaker at the National Women’s Show. I take the main stage at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 7, and I’ll also have a booth there for the full three days of the convention. I’m excited! (I’m also giving away a fabulous Gucci bag from the 2014 Fall/Winter collection…but more on that later.)

There is no denying this is a ton of work. Prepping for a big speech on short notice requires significant discipline and effort. There are also the logistics of pulling together a booth…you wouldn’t believe the hours of work that takes!

Today, I’m particularly delighted to connect with you straight from south western France, in the heart of my sister and brother-in-law’s magnificent vineyard.

And oui, it’s been a wonderful vacation! French food, lots of wine, and, most importantly, connecting with my beloved family has been good for the soul.

But what I wanted to share with you today isn’t so much about the obvious joys of France (of which there are many); rather, it’s something that I’ve noticed in the last ten days: how incredibly HAPPY everyone is!

Yes, HAPPY. My sister, her husband, and their two beautiful girls are genuinely happy! And it’s not just them. The neighbors who came over for dinner are, too. And so are the people on the street.

Advance warning: today’s Jacquie Straight Up may ruffle your feathers and stir your emotions. I’m weighing in on the controversial subject of domestic abuse, sparked by NFL star Ray Rice’s recent assault on his finance.

Admittedly, my opinions on the root issues here may have you nodding your head in agreement, or perhaps sputtering in disbelief…but either way, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a sobering topic that demands our attention, reflection, and action.

Now to my thoughts on the matter…

So much has already been said about what punishment is appropriate for a guy like Ray Rice. And so much has been said about his then fiance and now wife, Janay, who went ahead and married him after the assault happened, and is now standing by her man.

This week on Jacquie Straight Up, I’m paying a special tribute to the extraordinary Joan Rivers. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that “Joan the Great” was an unstoppable force, and her sudden departure has left a rather gaping hole in an otherwise carefully managed, PR-sanitized, and decidedly inauthentic media landscape. (And no-one is going to miss her searing red carpet critiques more than me!)

Joan Rivers lived a remarkable life. She always had us talking, she demanded our attention, and as far as I could tell, she lived as authentically as she possibly could, embracing her flaws, plastic surgeries and all. My kind of woman!

Joan Rivers is an inspiration to me, and on today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I share the top three cage-rattling lessons her incredible life can teach the women of today, and future generations to come.

This week on Jacquie Straight Up, I’m going to get on my broom stick and fly around a bit.

You’ll have to excuse me, but I kind of enjoy the news of Beyonce’s recent relationship troubles, and call “BS” on Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley’s “secrets” to anti-aging.

And then when I’m through with them, I fully admit to be pumped FULL of Botox.

But before you tune out this seemingly self-centered rant, just see it through. I’m going to make a big point you’ll probably appreciate…and it’s likely not the one you are expecting.

Beyonce’s “relationship” with Jay Z and Christie’s “agelessness” are examples of carefully cultivated images of perfection, and in my opinion, are phony, disingenuous, and misleading. And they are all indicative of a much larger issue: the detrimental portrayal of perfection in our society.

Finding “THE ONE” is a complete and utter crock of manure.

Yup…you read correctly! Society’s obsession with finding “THE ONE” person required to “complete” us has us all messed up. And on this week’s Jacquie Straight Up, I’m fired up and ready to set the record straight…

Here’s the big issue: for many of us, it’s drilled into our brains that the key to happiness lies in finding our soul mate — the “one.” We are told that then — and only then — will we be truly happy.

So, in an effort to create our “perfect life,” we (particularly woman) go on an all-out campaign to find this elusive and enchanted “one” person who will make everything “right.”

People market themselves, misrepresent themselves, and do whatever it takes to catch their “one.” And then, once they’ve nailed the one, so many people spend the rest of their lives desperately trying to hold on to him or her, so they never become what we were fully meant to be.


It’s real. It’s not fun. And, if you’re like me, it’s probably a reality for you, at least in some capacity.

Just recently I learned a really big lesson about the negative side effects of worrying…it’s really a gross waste of energy!

But here’s the amazing thing: through my personal challenges, I discovered — out of sheer necessity and determination — some amazing antidotes to worry…ones that I’m delighted to share with you today!

So if you, or anyone who know, struggle with worry, I know you’ll really appreciate today’s episode. Click above to watch.

I dig deep into my antidotes in today’s Jacquie Straight Up, but one of my big take-aways is this: the best way to kill worry and to serve those around you, is to focus your energy on being the best you can be.