Change is tough, no doubt about it! And because of that, we put it off even when we know how important it is, right?

We put it off because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone or we feel overwhelmed by what it will take to change.

The good news is this is what today’s Jacquie Straight Up is all about: how to deal with the “overwhelm” and activate change without feeling “stuck” or scared.

It’s an amazing, empowering tool. And it works. Click above to watch.

Too many people waste their lives by being too afraid — or too overwhelmed — to make those changes they know they need to make.

Don’t be one of those people! Take control of your overwhelm, and deal with it one bite at a time, even if it’s just five minutes a day.

Do you ever feel really stressed or distressed – sometimes downright blue?

And do you have times when your usual “go to’s” like meditation, affirmations, and gratitude just don’t seem to help?

Well, you are not alone. In fact, I was plagued by this very thing just a few weeks ago. The usual solutions were not working…so after a period of struggling, I eventually surrendered to the Universe.

And as often happens, it was when I let go of needing to figure out a solution, that my gut instinct kicked in.

The solution flashed into my brain and even though it was weird for me, I knew I had to give it a try. And…it worked!

If you’re struggling or feeling down about your current situation, then today’s Jacquie Straight Up is exactly what you need to hear.

Last night, I was in my bathroom, fresh from the shower, when I was suddenly hit with an intuitive flash.

It was an important revelation, and I had to share it with you immediately.

I knew that if I wasted time getting dressed and beautifying, my message would get lost or I wouldn’t be able to deliver it to you with the kind of passion that I felt in the moment.

I was simply compelled to act. So I put it all on camera — right away — without makeup and still in my bathrobe.

Because that is what today’s Jacquie Straight Up is all about: your intuition. Your flashes of brilliance. And the little voice in your head that leads you towards your greatness.

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels and never getting ahead? Are you are getting through the day-to-day essentials but not making progress?

That’s because most of us are not in control of our days and go through life being reactive instead of proactive.

But if you want to be successful, pursue your potential and chase your dream, you’ve got to learn how to be calm AND productive!

That’s why I want you to watch this week’s episode of Jacquie Straight Up! (Click above to check it out.)

After you’ve watched the video, please make sure to give me your perspective on this powerful success tool in the comments section.

Share your story with us all because you matter and what you have to offer the world is valuable beyond measure.

Do you crave change, but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Are you struggling with a mundane, “hamster-on-a-wheel” existence?

Or maybe you’re just feeling a bit rudderless, disillusioned, or lost?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then today’s Jacquie Straight Up is one you won’t want to miss.

Today, I share the critical first step everyone must do in order to live their own kick-ass life. And it all starts with knowing exactly what you want, because clarity is power.

Yes. CLARITY is POWER. Click above to watch.

The truth is, not even the world’s greatest marksmen can hit a target if they are blindfolded. If you cannot see your target, you quite simply will never hit it.

Way back in 1999, I learned a big lesson, one that has had a profound impact on how I live my life. And this is it:

Life is managed, not cured.

It’s an incredibly important truth to keep in mind when dealing with setbacks.

And it’s also crucial to remember when embarking on a new endeavor or chasing your dreams…particularly if you are one of those people who wait for all your “ducks to be in a row” before taking action!

Waiting for everything to be perfect is usually a losing proposition!

Click above to watch as I explain more in today’s Jacquie Straight Up.

Remember, life is seldom perfect, and when it is, it is usually fleeting!

When you are blindsided with setbacks — big and small — don’t let the discouragement last.

Today, I’m coming at you live from a place I will always consider my hometown: magnificent Vancouver, BC.

For 22 years I lived in this city, and I’m back up here visiting beloved friends and family…always a pleasure and something I never take for granted.

And on today’s special “Vancouver-edition” of Jacquie Straight Up, I take on a question that seems to be popping up a lot lately:

“Jacquie, how do I have the self-discipline and the motivation to do the things necessary to live the life I want to live?

Such a great question!

If you ever find yourself lagging in the “get-up-and-go” department, or lacking drive, then this episode is a must-watch. (And please forgive the wind noise…it’s always a bit breezy by the water!)

There is one thing that is more important than anything else when it comes to being motivated and self-disciplined.

Gucci Purse

Today’s blog is a written one to announce the winner of the gorgeous Gucci handbag from my booth at the Ultimate Women’s Expo this past weekend and also to share an important lesson that I learned there – a lesson that is appropriate for everyone, regardless of whether you entered to win the bag or not.

It was fascinating to observe the women who shyly walked by my booth and shook their heads no, when asked whether they’d like to enter to win a $1550 handbag and receive a free e-book to boost courage and confidence.

And then there were those who said, “No thanks, I never win anything so why bother!” It got me thinking…

Here’s what I know for sure: there is only one way to be absolutely certain that you will never win at anything, and that is to never enter, or to never try, or to never go all out and persist until you do.

“What is my purpose?”

It’s a question that many have told me they are dealing with, and one that I’ve struggled with myself.

In fact, I was 44 years old and still asking the age-old question: “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Sound familiar?

If you are in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond, and questioning the reason for your existence, I want you to know that you are not alone.

And more importantly: it is NEVER too late to find your passion or seek your purpose.

On today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I share my top tips on how you CAN find your purpose, regardless of your age, economic situation, or relationship status. Click above to watch.

When you know, you know. That’s the way it is with love.

And from the moment I laid eyes on this guy 14 years ago, I was 100% smitten.

On today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I’m introducing you the undisputed love of my life: Spencer Somerville who turns 14 years old on Friday!

From the highs to the lows and everything in between, he’s been my constant, loyal companion.

And the really amazing thing is this birthday boy has some pretty cool things to teach us, particularly when it comes to the power of love, commitment, and the magic of persistence.

Click above to watch.

A determined Jack Russell Terrier, Spencer was born to hunt. All his life, he has pursued his purpose with relentless persistence, and regardless of the day’s outcomes, he never gives up.