I’m excited! There is something extra awesome happening on today’s Jacquie Straight Up: I’m sharing my “6 S’s to FABULOUS!” (Who doesn’t want to be the very best version of themselves that they can be?)

And the best part? This is going to be really FUN! Who ever said bettering yourself can’t be enjoyable? Especially when one of the “S’s” is “Sex,” and another is “Sleep!”

I have no doubt my 6 “S’s” will transform your life with totally do-able basics.

You see, to change your life, either something new comes into it from the outside…or something comes from within you. My “6 S’s to Fabulous” are not about waiting for the elusive thing to come to you.

Have you ever wondered:

“What is the #1 key to living an extraordinary life, and getting what I want?”

It’s a really great question, and the first one my coaching clients want me to answer. Here’s my straight-up, without-a-doubt response:

“How you feel about YOURSELF determines your ENTIRE life.”

This basic statement is the premise behind everything I teach and everything I stand for. I believe it is, by far, the single most important philosophy for manifesting the life you want and deserve.

But don’t get me wrong. It’s not about blind self-acceptance or loving yourself, no matter what.

It’s about doing the work necessary to really like and respect yourself — it’s about living up to your own potential. Because when we do that, we trust ourselves, we believe in ourselves, and we attract opportunities.

As mentioned last week, my recent fitness boot camp adventure was a tough challenge. Really tough. Like five microscopic meals a day, six hours of daily exercise, NO BOOZE, and NO COFFEE.

And this is where a confession comes in: although it was strictly forbidden, I did indulge in one cup of coffee every morning. But just one, honest! (No one has ever convinced my to give it up entirely.)

Despite my daily caffeine “cheat,” I really did give it my all, and I am thrilled to report that I managed to achieve my goals. This included losing 4% body fat, packing on some muscle, and taking my fitness up to a level that far exceeds the norm for my age group.

And…I’m back! After two weeks sequestered away at a fitness boot camp, I’m finally back in the “Jacquie Straight Up” saddle!

I must say, I was so touched by the notes sent by some of you, asking where the videos were and if I was OK! Thank you for that! My time away was as challenging as it was rewarding, and I’ll be sharing more on that next week. But right now, it’s almost Valentine’s Day…so let’s have some fun and talk about love and sex!

This time last year, I shared about the fact that adding some variety to your life — including your sex life — causes the release of dopamine, a feel good brain chemical that gives us the sensation of pleasure and euphoria.

Ever notice how much joy you can get from the simple things in life?

For me, one of those things is bouncing on my trampoline! I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid…weird but true.

Some of those simple things are so much fun, but we tend to forget to either notice them, or to include them in our daily lives as we get caught up in the big stuff and in our constant “pursuit” of the things that we think will make us happy.

In today’s somewhat “weird” episode of Jacquie Straight Up, you’ll catch me on my trampoline. And then I weigh in on our society’s never-ending pursuit of happiness, something that we’ve got to STOP.

Happy New Year again! We are only one week into 2015, so there’s still plenty of time to set goals, resolutions and plans.

It’s a short and quick video from me this week because I am knee deep all month in coaching the awesome women who took me up on my free gift of a coaching session! It’s crazy busy but I am LOVING it! Everyone has an interesting story, and I love people who take advantage of an opportunity to grow.

And speaking of opportunities, here’s a cool one for YOU:

This week, I am challenging you to a simple but transformational activity for the balance of this month: pick a book — any book that is educational or transformational — and commit to read one chapter EVERY DAY for the balance of January 2015.

It’s January, one of my favorite times of the year.

This is a time for change, for transformation, and for reinventing yourself. It’s resolution time…and I love it!

But in recent weeks, I’ve been dealing with an issue that made me feel quite stuck.

The challenge had me worried, anxious, and was keeping me up a night — you get the idea.

After a few weeks of dealing with it, this is how I turned it around: I got into my closet, and I ruthlessly de-cluttered.

I got rid of the old, and started the flow of energy in the right direction. Within 24 hours, a miracle occurred…and I was instantly un-stuck.

It was incredible how fast it happened. These are the principles that I live by, but I had forgotten that temporarily and let worry creep in.

The holidays are upon us! Woo-hoo!

And take it from me, this is not the time of year for useless emotions like GUILT.

Or that ridiculous world “should.” As in: “I should resist the cocktails,” or “I should eat the carrot instead of the delicious mini quiche.”

All CRAPPOLA! Leave the serious discipline for January.

Instead, I encourage you to:

2) Let your hair DOWN, and
3) Have some FUN over the next couple of weeks!

And please don’t get me wrong. One still needs to be responsible during the holidays…but certainly NOT sensible.

Why? Because the very definition of a holiday is a break in your regular routine! That’s how you re-charge!

If you do that, full out, with NO GUILT — just like I’m going to do with my chocolate, scotch, and cheese — then you’ll enter the new year rejuvenated and ready to take some major action in your life.

So here’s a bit of a reality check: as of today, there are only three weeks left of the year, and that’s it! 2014 is gone forever!

Both sobering and exciting at the same time, don’t you think?

But what if you I told you there was something you could do that would:

  1. have a profound effect on how you feel about yourself as 2014 draws to a close, and
  2. impact your level of optimism and enthusiasm as you enter 2015

Would you be interested? I certainly would be!

What I’m talking about is a little BIG something I’m calling your “2015 Manifesto.”

And please, don’t tune this out just because you’re not in the mood to work.

This stuff is fun, meaningful, and it changes lives.

I am giving you a FREE gift!

In the spirit of the season, and because I have a goal to help as many people as I can to live their best year ever in 2015, I’m offering you the opportunity to book a FREE 1/2 hour personal coaching session with me.

Just ME and YOU. For 30 minutes. To kick-start your life, your goals, your dreams. And set you up for the best year of your life. Entirely for FREE.

This is seriously awesome!

Perhaps you are curious about personal coaching, or maybe you have not considered it yet.

Well, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you feeling “stuck” in your life, job, or relationship?
  • Are you struggling with finding your purpose?