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I have a new video for you today and in it I’m addressing two BIG dating questions (especially from women in their 40’s and beyond) that I get when I’m travelling and speaking around the world…

Watch this special Jacquie Straight up to see my take on online dating and dating disillusion!


I’m sharing a deeply personal video with you today.

Recently I got caught up in the relentless pursuit of more, bigger, better. Driving myself too hard and not stopping to realize what I’ve already accomplished had big ramifications.

It’s a reminder for you to stop and drink in your accomplishments so far, celebrate this moment in time, and really tune in to the enough-ness of your magnificent soul.

How often do you hear someone complain about their partner and when you offer words of wisdom, they respond with “It takes two to tango you know!” They don’t think they can they fix anything without the other person’s co-operation.

I’m here to bust that myth in today’s video!

You can single-handedly tango your own way (metaphorically) to brilliant relationships!

And this info can dramatically change ALL your relationships, not just the romantic kind. Bosses, friends, family, co-workers…

Learn to shift your relationship by shifting your

Do you know what your next big dream or vision is for your life? Are you working towards it? If so, my guess is that you’re encountering obstacles and experiencing stuff that feels like “failure”

It happens to all of us on the path to our dreams, whether they are around love, wealth, health, accomplishment, contribution, you name it, we hit obstacles or find ourselves kissing a few frogs on the journey!

Does that mean your dream is not meant to be? Your dream of making your marriage great again

Today’s video contains some updates for you as well as a nugget of wisdom to help you realize your own dreams.

So many fabulous women have joined the Jacquie Straight Up community this year from the Fearless Women’s Summit that I’ve been speaking at since February. I want to welcome them all and also to thank my long-standing Jacquie Straight Up members for their loyalty and patience.

I’ve spoken at over 30 such events in over 30 cities all across North America in 5 months and we’re not done

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“The first time I saw her leave the stage she was MOBBED… Couldn’t get to her for hours! This woman is a STAR. She has ‘it’.

Sharla Brown

President Keynote Events and founder of One Woman International, Alberta

This is the resurgence of sex! Babies will be born 9 months from this show…

LaTasha M Bailey

Life Coach and CFO, The Lifted Lifestyle®, Texas

Sexy and elegant — I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Diondai Whitfield Brown

Audience member, Chicago

Entertaining! Interesting! Inspiring! It was the whole package!

Shana Mallin

Audience member, Chicago

“OMG I now believe that passion is AGELESS!

Robin Joy Meyers

Author, Ted X Speaker and Coach, Virginia

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