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There’s a very personal video for you this week – It’s longer than usual and I hope it’ll bring you some peace and support during this global challenge. What I know for sure is this: “Every adversity, every failure,
You’d love a better body, more money, a better relationship, a more exciting career, better sex, and you know a number of action steps you could take to make those things a reality – yet you put them off. Why? Resista
I’m challenging the frequently taught instruction to dream in today’s new Jacquie Straight Up Episode. (And I know I’m guilty of spreading that message too!) There is a much better and faster way than dreaming to get wh
It’s never a mistake to open your heart to passionate love. Love, great sex, and romance are delicious! In today’s special Valentine’s Day episode of Jacquie Straight Up I’m sharing some great lines from one o
Does being in a state of uncertainty make you feel insecure and hesitant? I get it. Even as someone who is more driven by variety and uncertainty than the opposite, I am still sometimes held back from living my best life when
My favorite poet Rumi, wrote: “Act as if everything is rigged in your favor.” If you did that, I wonder what would happen? It’s powerful. Give it a try! If you answer it and act on it, it could change everything for you
How would you like to know how to experience more serendipity– those seemingly miraculous moments, encounters, “coincidences” that show up when we least expect them? (Like when I sat next to my lover on a plane, or met
It’s so weird don’t you think, that people can be so strange around the subject of sex yet it’s the most natural thing in the world? We owe our very existence on the planet to it! And great sex, especially when combined
Click Here to Access The Divine Vixen Private Mentorship Happy 2020! Wishing you a brilliant year and the best decade of your life so far! My single biggest wish for you this year? PASSION!!! Why? Well it’s life changing…
Click Here to Access the Ultimate State of Fulfillment. Would you like to make 2020 the year you become the best version of yourself, sharing your gifts with the world, and unleashing your magnificent potential? You are a uni

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