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Whatever you’re dealing with right now, this video is likely to help you. There is one thing that you’ve heard me talk about, mantras! There are many mantras to help ease and refocus the mind during dark times: Have a qui
There’s a fun little story and its valuable lesson for you!  It’s not often that I learn major lessons from being hit on by a young stranger, but that’s exactly what happened in today’s story. Don’t miss this short
Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like this: The roughest roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations…? I love that – and wanted to reach out to remind you that our recent rough roads are lead
There comes a time when prayers and meditation just aren’t enough. There comes a time when humor needs to be temporarily sidelined. There comes a time when silence and peace are just too quiet. I come to you today to stand
In today’s video it’s the big reveal of my GREY HAIR and I’m NOT happy about it!! Having said that, I am ironically talking today about the Science of Happiness. There are 3 keys to the Science of Happiness. Even in the
Have you ever contemplated everything, and I mean everything that you’d like to be, do, have, try, or experience at least once before you depart this earthly plane? Now’s the time. Your Top 100 list awaits your attention.
Here’s hoping you’re healthy physically, mentally and spiritually! If you’re wavering a bit, you are not alone… In today’s new Jacquie Straight Up video, in the midst of what I do believe are words of wisdom, I conf
There’s a very personal video for you this week – It’s longer than usual and I hope it’ll bring you some peace and support during this global challenge. What I know for sure is this: “Every adversity, every failure,
You’d love a better body, more money, a better relationship, a more exciting career, better sex, and you know a number of action steps you could take to make those things a reality – yet you put them off. Why? Resista
I’m challenging the frequently taught instruction to dream in today’s new Jacquie Straight Up Episode. (And I know I’m guilty of spreading that message too!) There is a much better and faster way than dreaming to get wh
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