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This week's episode of Jacquie Straight Up is a reminder that how you feel about yourself determines your entire life. And, that you can change how you feel in an instant with the simplest, shallowest ways. What I love about the shallow stuff is that it’s simple and can be SO much fun – it involves shopping and pampering so what’s not to love? And it has the potential to be utterly life changing.

I’m heading out for my first day of sightseeing here in Dubai and wanted to touch base! I made this quick video for you just before getting on the plane in LA – It’s my answer to a question I get from SO many women around the world. If you’ve been hurt or burned and you’re wondering how you’ll ever trust anyone again then please watch this episode. You’ll discover the surprising yet simple answer.

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As an avid history buff, it's been a lifelong dream of mine to go to Egypt! Right now I have butterflies in my stomach and I cannot sleep because I leave for the United Arab Emirates and Egypt this Sunday. There is nothing more exciting than realizing a dream! In today's Jacquie Straight Up you will learn why dreams are crucial to building your sexy confidence and having control over your magnificent destiny!


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Happy Valentines Day! This week's episode of Jacquie Straight Up is all about the power of Passion!You will not only discover why passion holds the key to your success in love and wealth, but also how to access it! Leave me a message in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

When my date complained about the price of a sandwich, I knew it was the last coffee or anything else we’d share together!  The message is clear: We live in an abundant Universe. There is plenty of love, wealth and health in the world, so have high standards for yourself and protect your abundant attitude fiercely. In today’s video you’ll discover the strange connection between the price of a panini and what you attract into your life!


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I was single when I started working with Jacquie and had been for almost 3 years. I knew what I was looking for but was not finding him. Jacquie encouraged me to have more fun with the process and taught me how to give the Universe something to work with! I’ve been dating a kind, loving wonderful man for a year now. He is really everything I’ve been looking for. Most importantly, Jacquie has shown me time and again, the strength in “stepping out” in all aspects of life and proudly showing the world who I am. I can’t thank Jacquie enough!

Kim McKay

Montreal, Canada

I am stronger, braver and a ‘Yes I can’ type of woman, more than ever before! This entire experience is priceless and I will never stop reaching for more, for better, and especially for my big dream. To be coached by Jacquie is the best decision that I ever made!

Amanda Garrett

Ontario, Canada

Jacquie’s personal story & life philosophy are enough to leave your jaw dropping in awe. Her fierce nature to live her most passionate, sexy and abundant life magnetically draws your attention and inspires you to do the same. Your life is forever changed.

Shawn Neff

Michigan, USA

A free 45-minute conversation with Jacquie transformed my life so I hired her! I adore our sessions, and I come away from each one with a renewed sense of confidence, empowerment and direction for what I want in life.

Helen Themistocleous

Toronto, Canada

I’ve seen Jacquie change lives with her powerful messages and personal story. Her inspiration empowers women on the spot. Raw honesty that entertains & encourages personal development.

Leslie Roberts

Montreal, Canada

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