Today I wanted to talk to you about the power of NO. What do I mean by that?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur trying to get new clients or new sales, or you are in sales and you are trying to find a new job. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, I can tell you if you are not getting plenty of NO’s that means you are not getting Yeses either.

What I mean is that if you are not getting NO’s, that means your calendar is just not full, which means you are also not getting a lot of Yeses.

Whatever it is that you are going through or going for right now, make sure that you are getting plenty of NO’s because that means that you are putting yourself out there.

In this week’s video, I wanted to share a word and a rather surprising definition. This week I had heard this word and its’ definition for the first time and it had a huge impact on me and my mindset.

It is the definition of Self discipline. “Self discipline is remembering what you want”

It’s that simple, to me that is just the coolest definition for it. The reason is that it does not contain words like “ought” or “should.”  because nothing builds up resistance more than hearing that.

So whatever it is that you are facing, whether a new habit or a new routine you are trying to implement to get you closer to your goal, just remember what it is that you want and that is why you are taking this step.

Today, I have got something really important to say and that is, if you really want a quantum leap in your life, I mean, to go from a life of existing to a life of joy and accomplishment, from a mediocre life to a thrilling life, from living pay check to pay check to a life of wealth and freedom – Whatever quantum leap you’d love to make in your life right now, you have got to put yourself under pressure.

Now I know that sounds weird and contrarian. We are always told that stress is bad – to avoid it at all cost. But I am here to tell you that avoiding stress at all cost is the huge price you will pay for a so-so life of endless wishing and hoping and never ever getting what you want.

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I get a lot of questions from viewers about Purpose. When it’s not evident in your life, it can be so frustrating. I totally get it because I was one of those people who dabbled in a lot of different things confused and envious of those who seemed to have a singular purpose that they followed with passion.

I bet most of you don’t know this but I’m a farmer by trade – My degree is in Agriculture and beyond that I’ve gone from selling cars and cosmetics to learning to fly airplanes and from opening eye surgery clinics all over North America to trying my hand at being a full time wife.

In today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I am coming to your raw and real, from my hiking trail with no makeup on and windswept.

In this episode, I wanted to share the process that I go through when I am coming up with subjects to discuss for Jacquie Straight Up. Occasionally, I have something preconceived that has been on my mind for a while, I know what I want to share with you and I know that I have to get out. But usually, finding a subject requires asking for guidance.

I ask for guidance, please guide me to what I should say today, what is inspired, what my audience needs to hear today, and then I wait for the answer.

Today I was stressing out about it, I was intellectualizing it, trying to come up with something great to say, and of course it wasn’t happening.