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How to Love Your “Haters”

It was fascinating. I was at my booth at the National Women’s Show in Toronto, and again and again, women from all walks of life came up to me, poured out their hearts, and said:

“But Jacquie, how do I deal with criticism and the haters out there?”

Wow. There was definitely a reoccurring theme going on. And it made me realize that so many people struggle with the same issue: how to fend off the critics.

I can relate. Dealing with criticism isn’t easy. Insults can really hurt and shake our confidence.

But if we want to create anything meaningful in this world, it’s important to develop a strategy for handling those nasty critics…because it is going to happen. And that’s what today’s Jacquie Straight Up is all about…click above to watch.

The good news is that if we do have a critic out there, it probably means we are probably doing something RIGHT.

(I’ve touched on this subject in the past after receiving a particularly spiteful email. But in this week’s video, I go even deeper. Click here to watch the previous episode.)

There is always so much more to be gained by watching the video (and yes, I’m back in California on my favorite hiking trail), but for those of you who would prefer a quick summary, here’s the two really important things to remember when faced with critics, haters, and naysayers:

1. It is never about YOU. Most of the time, the criticism stems from the other person’s issues, their baggage, and their insecurities. (Unless, of course, you’ve requested the criticism and the feedback is delivered in a kind and productive way.)

2. Wear the criticism like a badge of honor. Think of it as a sign you a moving in the right direction. If you are stepping out and pursuing your full potential enough to have people criticize you, to be jealous of you, and to speak hateful words about you, you are doing something right. Wear their insults proudly!

I’ve found that most people become critical of others because they aren’t living up to their own expectations. They are a gross disappointment to themselves, and they are taking it out on others in the form of jealousy.

So today, I encourage you to ignore the critics. Step into your greatness. And pursue your FULL potential. That’s when happiness will come to you.

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*I also wanted to note that is was an absolute honor to meet so many fabulous women at the National Women’s Show, and I am grateful to everyone who came by and entered to win the Gucci purse giveaway. Such fun! And…drum roll please…I’m pleased to announce the Gucci bag won by the lovely Jenny Choi of Toronto! Congratulations, Jenny!

I’ll see you next week.

Sending love and strength,

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