In an otherwise rather dull season of granny bags and mid calf (eeeek!) skirts, there is one very bright spot: jewel-tone colours! Watch my latest video to see my favourite jewel-tone clothes and accessories from my own wardrobe and how I plan to put them together. Enjoy…

Me with Mr. Bob Proctor. The second photo shows some book recommendations.

I have recently been re-awakened, re-energized and strengthened. How cool. I have just returned home from spending an entire week in Toronto with a remarkable man and his phenomenal team – I attended the Bob Proctor Matrixx Seminar (yes, Matrix with an extra x).

Bob Proctor is an international bestselling author and a world renowned public speaker on the subject of personal development. His teachings are based on decades of study that began when his life changed dramatically after reading Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. (Read it if you haven’t.)

Bob’s book, It’s Not About the Money, had a profound effect on me and I suggest that anyone who has deep-rooted issues with money should read it!

“Hi Jacquie,
How lucky I am to have met you through your site. You make me smile and feel that everything will be OK in my life and that I don’t need to marry, live in the burbs and be a ‘certain something’ because that’s what’s required from a woman at 30.

My question to you is this: before one even starts to dream, how does one find the courage and energy to dream? I have struggled with a wacky divorce and the death of my father all in one year…I feel like I have no energy left to dream, but I also desperately want meaning. What is the source of that vital dream energy and what inspires you to keep going, dreaming and come back to connecting with yourself/who you truly are?”
– Searching Soul

Dear Searching Soul,

Thank you so very much for your question.

I love fab fall fashion! And for this season, I am currently obsessed with two young American designers, Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang. Why do I love them so much? Because they are creative, edgy, unique, and at the same time, wearable.

In the photo below, you can see a few of my favorite pieces from their latest collections. Be sure to watch my video (above) for more from these great designers. I also share some other tips on hot trends for this fall: mustards, browns, cobalt blues, leathers – all must-haves!

“Hello, my name is Jacquie Somerville and I am a shoe addict.”

Yes, the world economy is crashing again, stock markets are plummeting, uncertainty reigns and what do I do? Why, I go shoe shopping, of course! And not just for any shoes…Dior shoes in particular.

Given all the stunning shoes in the world, let me explain my preference for being shod by the House of Dior. Yes I know, Louboutins have the hype as Manolos did before (and naturally I have a few of each), but let me tell you with authority, that the illusive combination of high heeled style and comfort belongs solely (pun-intended) to my collection of lavish, luscious, luxurious Diors.

They look good and they feel good and what more could a shoe addict possibly want?