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Powerful Proctor

Me with Mr. Bob Proctor. The second photo shows some book recommendations.

I have recently been re-awakened, re-energized and strengthened. How cool. I have just returned home from spending an entire week in Toronto with a remarkable man and his phenomenal team – I attended the Bob Proctor Matrixx Seminar (yes, Matrix with an extra x).

Bob Proctor is an international bestselling author and a world renowned public speaker on the subject of personal development. His teachings are based on decades of study that began when his life changed dramatically after reading Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. (Read it if you haven’t.)

Bob’s book, It’s Not About the Money, had a profound effect on me and I suggest that anyone who has deep-rooted issues with money should read it! Bob is well known to millions because of his involvement with the movie, “The Secret”, and if that is all you know of him, I encourage you to seek out his books. His philosophy is so much deeper than what is revealed in “The Secret”.

If you want to make more money and enrich your life in every way, please read You were Born Rich, also by Bob Proctor. You will learn the process of dreaming, visualizing, setting goals, taking action, believing and persevering. You will learn to tap into your unlimited potential and realize your own phenomenal power.

My fellow attendees inspired me; open-minded, entrepreneurial men and women from all over the world. We have formed valuable and meaningful bonds.

My goal is set. I am feeling strong and I am ready to be a successful entrepreneur.
I am extraordinarily fortunate and eternally grateful.

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  • Model
    Posted at 16:57h, 27 September Reply

    Very inspirational! thanks for the book suggestions.

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