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C’mon get Happy!

In today’s video it’s the big reveal of my GREY HAIR and I’m NOT happy about it!!

Having said that, I am ironically talking today about the Science of Happiness.

There are 3 keys to the Science of Happiness. Even in the face of all our current uncertainty, this will help!

If you’re rolling your eyes, I get you. I’m finding it difficult to remain happy in this restrictive time too so I’m being raw and real in this video. I think you’ll like it.

  • Holly
    Posted at 04:17h, 14 May Reply

    Good morning Jacquie,

    I so appreciated your humour this morning, about the “antique blonde” hair that so many of us are sporting these days and your message on happiness, which I will watch again!
    I have not been giving myself the something to look forward to, as we are existing in these suspended times and walking the beach will now be my happy thoughts, thank you. Along with that, having gotten rid of my Covid 15, it’s time for me to commit to a daily, morning fitness 15, to create the habit, which will take off from there!!

    I am so looking forward to seeing your show, when we are able to gather again, in Halifax!! You are a dynamo and I have been anticipating your show.

    With many thanks,

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 06:00h, 14 May Reply

      So lovely to hear from you Holly! We love your comments and can’t wait to see you in Halifax…(one of these days…!) And huge congrats for getting rid of the Covid 15 – Not easy! XO

  • Nathalie
    Posted at 05:02h, 14 May Reply

    Hi Jacquie,

    Your video gave me a good laugh. and I love your vibes and can feel your high frequency of engery that flows from you. Thank you!

    Cheers to grey hair! I encourage all women to go natural after I finally took the plunge as it is such a liberating feeling. The amazing part, for years I thought I would look older by letting my greys show but it has been the reverse. I actually look younger and I get so many people stopping me in the street saying they love my hair colour. They are in shock when I tell them it is all natural.

    As for looking forward to something, this has been part of my daily life and I love setting goals and challenges and feeling the desired emotion in the now. Makes life so exciting and rewarding and the way I see it, you have already won in life when you FEEL the emotion of the desired out come in the now. Cheers to reminding others that simple tools like these brings happiness to people’s lives.

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 06:02h, 14 May Reply

      Awesome Nathalie!! YES!! Feeling the emotion of the desired outcome is IT!!! Thanks for your fabulous comment! XO

  • Michele
    Posted at 05:03h, 14 May Reply

    Lovely as always, Jacquie!

    You are so right about having something to look forward to – a message everyone needs to hoist in these days.

    Thanks for the morning smiles and encouragement!

    Much love,

    P.S. Your hair still looks great 😉

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 06:04h, 14 May Reply

      Aww Thank you Michele and you are so welcome! XO

  • Lisa
    Posted at 05:11h, 14 May Reply

    I’m happy to received this email such a up lifting piece

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 06:04h, 14 May Reply

      So glad it helps Lisa and thank you! XO

      • Helen
        Posted at 22:36h, 14 May Reply

        I spent some time today wish listing all the Aman hotels I’ll go to in the future. 😊

  • Caro
    Posted at 05:19h, 14 May Reply

    You look fantastic! And thank you for a great message served with super energy – gratitude, progress and something to look forward to. So perfect for where we are right now! With hugs

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 06:05h, 14 May Reply

      Ah Thank you Caro!! Sending big hugs back to you! XO

  • Lyn
    Posted at 10:04h, 14 May Reply

    Your great message, putting grey hair into perspective, reminds me of a friends mothers mantra
    Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to..

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 12:20h, 14 May Reply

      Thank you Mama and thanks for sharing that mantra – It’s such a good one! XO

  • Dawn
    Posted at 18:05h, 14 May Reply

    Haha great video ‼️ I guess those former years of being a cosmetologist are paying off for me 😊.

    My future so bright I got to wear shades 🤓😎

    Love you❣️

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 06:58h, 15 May Reply

      Haha!! Yes, I have to confess to being a tad jealous of your hair in recent months Dawn!! And agreed – Your future and your destiny are brilliant and set by you through your imagination and what you are conscious of being in the here and now – You have done the work and continue to – SO proud of you. XO

  • Terry
    Posted at 04:58h, 15 May Reply

    Good morning Jacquie. Woke up to read this and ended up with a huge smile on my face. Have really not been feeling happy for a very long time now. I actually asked myself yesterday morning, “What is happiness anyways?” And then the day got away from me. Work, home, routine. So here you are today with some steps for me to consider. Thank you!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 07:01h, 15 May Reply

      Amazing Terry – So happy it helps and I would encourage you to think of happiness in terms of fulfillment rather… And to me the best definition of happiness/fulfillment is that it is “the joy you feel when you are in pursuit of your full potential”
      Sending much love to you. XO

  • Anne Marie Sanville
    Posted at 09:12h, 18 May Reply

    Cheers to grey hair. Jacquie. Loved your video. It is so much fun. You put so much vibe and energy in. You have motivated me to have something to look forward too.Thankyou.,Looking forward to meditation with you this afternoon . Around12:30 my time.

  • Anne Marie Sanville
    Posted at 09:13h, 18 May Reply

    Jacquie. Loved your video. It is so much fun. You put so much vibe and energy in. You have motivated me to have something to look forward too.Thankyou.,Looking forward to meditation with you this afternoon . Around12:30 my time.

  • Anne Marie Sanville
    Posted at 09:19h, 18 May Reply

    Hi Jacquie. I loved your video on Happiness. Your presentation had so much energy and fun. I agree with having something to look forward too. I am going to get on that . Thankyou. . Looking forward to meditation today at 12:30 my time. I am an hour ahead anyway.

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 11:51h, 25 May Reply

      Aww, Thank you Anne Marie!! You are an amazing woman! XO

  • Deborah
    Posted at 05:27h, 23 May Reply

    Jacquie, thank you for sharing your happiness with us! Thank you for encouraging us to enjoy happiness. Your sincerity of caring for others is amazing. We are as happy as we have made up our minds to be. “How happy do I want to be?” 😊

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 11:52h, 25 May Reply

      Such a lovely comment Deborah and much appreciated! You are welcome and thank you! Xo

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