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Ignore the critics!

So this is probably the question I get asked the most:

How do you live your life without worrying about the opinions and judgments of others? (And do that with grace…)

I answer with an even more telling question – One that if you stop and ponder, can have a very powerful effect on how you choose to live your life going forward.

Your soul is calling to you. Don’t push it aside in order to comply with the opinions of others.

When we ignore our soul, the consequences are regret and an unfulfilled life.

When we listen to our OWN soul, the consequence is pure fulfillment. AMAZING!

  • Donna
    Posted at 04:15h, 11 July Reply

    THIS 👏🏼VIDEO 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼EVERYTHING 👏🏼!!!! I know so many people who need to hear this message. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 07:34h, 11 July Reply

      So glad it resonated Donna! XO

  • Caro
    Posted at 09:20h, 11 July Reply

    great video! such an important message. thank you!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 14:10h, 11 July Reply

      Thank you so much Caro! XO

  • Amy
    Posted at 18:46h, 11 July Reply

    Awesome video! Great message! Very helpful!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 07:58h, 12 July Reply

      So glad it helped Amy and thank you! XO

  • Tania
    Posted at 12:54h, 14 July Reply

    When you are fulfilled, you are happy! Great video. It all starts with you!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 11:10h, 15 July Reply

      Yes!! Thank you Tania! XO

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