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How to Manifest Love and Money – Part 2

 You may remember that I made a video a few weeks back about the first 3 steps to Manifest Love and Money – Well today’s video is the follow up to that – It’s manifesting Love and or money – Part 2!

If you didn’t see the first video on the subject, not to worry, watch this one through and then go back to it – we have included the link to part 1 below this video on my website. Here’s a quick refresher to the first 3 steps:

Step number 1: Clarity – Get crystal clear on your hearts desires.

Step number 2: Visualize your hearts desires in detail every day – preferably at least twice per day, and number.

Step number 3: Be immensely grateful with deep emotion for what you have and who you are right now.


In this video we are going to get into the last 2 steps to manifesting love and or money:

Step number 4: Do and be your best with what you have and where you are right now. This is the part that trips people up because they look for the answers to the big stuff and wait for the “right” opportunities to come before they take action but the TRUTH is that taking action right now where you are is what will BRING the opportunities to you. That’s just the way that it works! Do a great job at work, take great care of your body – exercise and eat right, be kind to others, get out and meet people, network, and keep beautifully tidy and uncluttered surroundings. Make the most of your appearance, your health and your present environment. Do what you can with what you have right now and unexpected opportunities will begin to show up.

In 2012 I lost 10 lbs., got fit, wrote and self-published a book, and within weeks of those accomplishments, received a call to star in a reality TV show which was not only fun, and brought some great new people into my life but was also a catalyst for me to become a life coach and a speaker. And at the same time, met a handsome and sexy young man in a grocery store, who was to become my husband. I wasn’t looking for love but I did desire it, and I was not looking to be on a reality TV show but I had a burning desire to be an entrepreneur and it was one of the steps that got me there. The Universe works in mysterious ways and that leads in perfectly to.

Step Number 5: Faith! And I am not talking about religion here. You must have undying faith that this stuff works. If you don’t believe something you won’t make it happen. I personally believe that I am guided by a spiritual force that exists within all of us, and that this great power of the Universe is ours to tap into should we chose too. I know that I am guided and as long as I believe that and do my part, the Universe conspires with me and brings my hearts desires to me. Believing with 100% conviction in something is what makes it happen so believing seems like a no-brainer to me. Believe that you are guided and that these steps work – Follow them and you’ll make it happen! Before I go today I want to recommend the best book that I have ever read on the subject of manifesting and it is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Waddles. If you’re really interested in manifesting love and wealth, or anything else for that matter, read the book – its’ a short and quick and life-changing.

Thank you so much for watching this video – If you’ve liked it, please click the like button and make sure to share it with your friends – it’s the best way to help them and it helps me too! And I’d love to hear from you so make sure to leave a comment below this video and let me know what you have manifested what you want so far.

How to Manifest Love & Money – Part 1


  • Rose
    Posted at 07:58h, 02 March Reply

    Hey Jacquie, I was so happy to find this video. Although I haven’t manifested a lot for myself, I have come to realize that was missing very important steps including step 1 – getting crystal clear about what I want and Step 5: Having faith and patience , which always causes me to dwindle on my goals. I really thank you for this video and I am going to try to follow each and every step. Now I just need to decide what I want in life. Thanks again!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:49h, 02 March Reply

      You are so welcome Rose and I am thrilled to hear it helped!

  • Emily
    Posted at 08:07h, 02 March Reply

    The biggest thing I have manifested for myself is positive attitude, it wasn’t easy (especially for a pessimist) but through the first three steps I have started to change my attitude which has effected all aspects of my life. I followed steps 1-3. I decided that happiness was what I wanted, I kept visualizing what a happy person and happy life would feel and look like, and started a gratitude journal and wrote in it every day until it worked, I started to feel happier and more optimistic. You are the best Jacquie, I cant wait to try out steps 4-5!!!!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:50h, 02 March Reply

      Congrats to you Emily! You DID it! xo

  • Nashmeen
    Posted at 05:35h, 04 March Reply

    Love it jacqui you are really inspiring. I always look forward to your videos x

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 05:55h, 04 March Reply

    That’s so good to hear – Thank you Nashmeen! xo

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