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How To Get More Energy

Have you ever looked at people and gone “Oh my gosh, they are so lucky, they have got so much energy” or thought “maybe they were born that way?.”

Well I can tell you chances are they were not. They have energy because they generate energy, because of the practices and the habits they have put into place in their life every single day.

As a mentor of mine, Brendon Bouchard likes to say “A power plant doesn’t have energy, a power plant generates energy.” So it is with the power plant that is your amazing body. It generates energy based on the habits and practices that YOU put into place, every single day. Like almost everything, you have control over this!

Here are my Top 3 Energy Generating Tips:

  1. Nutrition. What are you putting into your body?

If you are eating a healthy diet, if you are eating enough really good quality food, healthy food, not to much, not too little, but the perfect amount of good stuff, you are going to feel great. It truly is the number one key to having energy. What are you putting into your body?

  1. Sleep. Are you getting enough?

When you are well rested and you have just the right amount of sleep, for me that is seven hours consistently, occasionally a good eight. I wake up super early, that is another really important factor to maintain my energy. But are you getting enough sleep? Too little sleep and you will not be productive.

  1. Affirmations.

Affirmations are so powerful to get whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is more energy, achieving a different goal, or changing your mindset about something, affirmations are the most critical thing. So come up with an amazing affirmation that works for you.

“I am a strong, energetic, vibrant human being, and I am going to have a great day today!”

Come up with something that really makes you feel good, and then you feel the emotion when you say it and say it consistently, over and over again. Say it at least four times before you get going on your day. Say it with power, energy and emotion and you will start to believe it.

We rewire our brains, when we do repetitive affirmations. So you will start to believe that you are an energetic person and you will generate energy that way.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what works for you. Is there something I left out? ! I would love to hear from you. (Of course you know I’d always add exercise in there, but I just wanted to leave it at three tips!)

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  • Jessie
    Posted at 08:44h, 13 January Reply

    Thanks Jacquie, I was so glad to get this in my inbox today. There are so many things I want to achieve with this new year and I need all the energy I can get! My tip for the people who want to get a lot done is to do the hardest things first!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 14:02h, 13 January Reply

      Great tip Jessie and SO true – Thank you!

  • Julie
    Posted at 08:49h, 13 January Reply

    I totally agree with your three steps, I cannot stress how much waking up earlier has made an amazing difference in my life ,but its hard to do without energy. I eat healthy but I have never tried implementing affirmations before. I cant wait to see what a difference affirmations will make as an addition to my daily routine. Thanks Jacquie!

  • Sharon
    Posted at 10:23h, 13 January Reply

    Hi Jacquie,

    I’m 75 and I laugh when you say “live a kick ass life”…not words I am accustomed to hearing. Hah!

    But, about energy. Your three tips are right on. When I am sluggish, I remember a quote I heard long AGO. It might fall under “affirmations”…

    –enthusiasm is the spark of life. HOW DO WE GET it? We fake IT UNTIL it becomes a habit! — It really works.

    Keep up your enthusiasm. It is contagious!

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 14:08h, 13 January Reply

    Good luck with the affirmations Julie! Keep us posted…

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 14:11h, 13 January Reply

      Such a great comment Sharon – You made me laugh! Yes, you are so right – we often have to force things until they become a habit but SO worth it in the long run. Sounds like you’ve got enthusiasm mastered!

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