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How To Deal When Sh*t Happens

Are you facing a big challenge, dealing with heartache, or perhaps hardship?

Many of you who participated in our online survey are dealing with some pretty big challenges right and if you are not, chances are, you have in the past.

We’re talking about the really big stuff here. Like the devastation felt over divorce or breakups, massive financial losses, job losses, or the loss of someone we love.

I want you to know you are not alone — I’ve been there myself, and in the process, uncovered some truths that will get through.

In today’s particularly poignant Jacquie Straight Up, I share some of my own personal losses, and how I made it through the dark days…and I know you can, too.

The truth is, no one goes through life unscathed. But it’s how we deal with our challenges that makes all the difference.

Click above to watch.

I found this quote the other day, and I don’t know who wrote it but it’s brilliant:

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out, and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

Here’s the truth of the matter: sometimes you have to be taken right down to the studs in order to rise again, stronger and better than before. It is through our hardships that we grow and learn. That’s the beauty of life.

And don’t forget, when one door closes, it is because another one is opening for you and leading you to a better place. This I know for sure. My whole life has been living proof of that. And when you read the stories of my life in my upcoming My Scandalous Little Rule Book, you will see exactly what I mean.

(And speaking of that, many of you know that My Scandalous Little Rule Book was supposed to hit the shelves last month, but I had to postpone the release because of a — yes indeed — a massive challenge in my personal life! I can’t talk about it yet but when I can, I will share the details with you because while it has been really rough, the lessons have been tremendous.)

Remember: Your challenges happen for you and not to you. Another door is going to open and it is going to be magnificent. Believe it. It is your belief that will be your reality.

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And I’d love to hear from you. How do you cope with big challenges? Let me know in the comments below.

Sending love and strength,

  • Kelly
    Posted at 11:48h, 06 May Reply

    Thank-you Jacquie. I’m going through a serious situation with my youngest child. This is what I needed to hear today.

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:06h, 07 May Reply

      You are most welcome Kelly – There are no coincidences!

  • Rochelle
    Posted at 11:51h, 06 May Reply

    I deal by taking it one hour at a time. I just focus on what I need to do, right now, and try not to allow myself to think about all the terrible things that might happen. It’s the worry part that gets me.

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:08h, 07 May Reply

      Good strategy Rochelle – Remember Worry does not solve the problems of tomorrow but rather robs today of its strength. Replace worry with faith and miracles will happen.

  • Wanda
    Posted at 11:52h, 06 May Reply

    Thanks Jacquie.

  • Helena
    Posted at 12:03h, 06 May Reply

    Very inspiring!
    Thank you!
    I feel the draft……now where is that (open) door? lol
    Cheers, Helena

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:09h, 07 May Reply

      You are so welcome Wanda and Helena. I love that you feel the draft Helena! Its a start and a sign!

  • bernadette
    Posted at 13:00h, 06 May Reply

    Hi jacqui…thank you for this moment to talk about my challenges..when I’m faced with challenges…I have enormous a christian,believing that it will pass..and it gives me the ability to make progress..I am still learning and very grateful for knowledge and understanding..for in these challenges,lies my strength to overcome it..transfOrmation,change takes place..and it prepares me for the next challenges that awaits,and I’m thankful..I am strong..because of my SAVIOUR..JESUS CHRIST.GOD bless you!dearest..xxxx

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:10h, 07 May Reply

      Yes Bernadette. Faith is so important. Action combined with faith will get us through almost everything!

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 21:12h, 06 May Reply

    Thank you. I try and remain as positive as possible (I say what will be will be – a lot). The good thing is if I am positive through my challenges then others around me will also be positive reinforcing for me that there are better times ahead. Negative breeds negative and as the saying goes when you wake up each day you have a choice to be happy or sad – I choose happy!

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:11h, 07 May Reply

      So true Rebecca, I love that. Thanks for sharing!

  • Robin
    Posted at 00:25h, 07 May Reply

    Hi Jacquie,
    I can relate to your message.
    My job is changing. I will be relocated. This means a 1 hour longer commute each day and leaving friends/co-workers I have known for 14 years. I feel like I am on a roller coaster of emotions. I am trying to cope by seeking support from friends and looking for other job opportunities closer to home. It feels so challenging because I am a single mom and this effects my daughters life. Can not wait for this to pass!
    Thanks Robin

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 08:15h, 07 May Reply

      Wow. You are dealing with alot Robin but you are doing the right thing – Taking action by seeking support and looking for a job, AND knowing that the tough times will pass. That’s a powerful combination. Continue to take action, be persistent and have faith. Things will turn around on the Universe’s schedule which is often not as quick as we’d like but is always right in the end. Sending much strength your way!

  • Brenda
    Posted at 03:15h, 07 May Reply

    Thank Jacqui, have had incredible challenges the last 4 weeks- been hospitalized twice, broke a vertebrae, lost my job and not able to work or function normally for 6 weeks. My partner and I are have relationship troubles and I guess it’s due to me having a very low self esteem right now. Your video made me really emotional and is exactly what I needed to hear.
    Much love,

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 08:19h, 07 May Reply

    My goodness Brenda, you are having a rough time. I am sending helathy and strong vibes your way. It’s at times like this that you have to hold on tight and know that things will get better. You are an amazing woman with strength and power. You are a perfect creation. Hold on. The storm will pass.

  • Annalize
    Posted at 21:42h, 07 May Reply

    I always try to remember that things happen for a reason and sometimes only much later the reason is revealed. It’s always been the case for me.

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 06:42h, 08 May Reply

    That is so true Annalize – I totally agree. There are no coincidences. Often times though, it requires patience on our part – all will be revealed but not necessarily on our schedules!

  • Bibi
    Posted at 14:41h, 12 May Reply

    Pls?! I need some help…advice…prayers… Im soooo lost!!! (Lost in translation) My life-partner of 5 years, soulmate, best friend was murdered 5months agi in th middle of the day! 2x the knive went into his heart!! Im so incredible sad and have no support….like rEAlly none!! Nobody knew how i really feltd .

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 07:04h, 13 May Reply

    I am SO very sorry Bibi. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please believe that your life will be good again and hold on through this incredibly difficult time. I encourage you to seek out the help of a professional therapist to get you through. We are all pulling for you.

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