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As mentioned last week, my recent fitness boot camp adventure was a tough challenge. Really tough. Like five microscopic meals a day, six hours of daily exercise, NO BOOZE, and NO COFFEE.

And this is where a confession comes in: although it was strictly forbidden, I did indulge in one cup of coffee every morning. But just one, honest! (No one has ever convinced my to give it up entirely.)

Despite my daily caffeine “cheat,” I really did give it my all, and I am thrilled to report that I managed to achieve my goals. This included losing 4% body fat, packing on some muscle, and taking my fitness up to a level that far exceeds the norm for my age group. Woo-hoo!

I feel good about myself and my accomplishment of the goals at hand, and because of that, other aspects of my life feel good, too.

You see, how we feel about ourselves determines our entire life…so do what you can to be the best you can be, and your life will begin to excite you as well, I promise!

This was the first big lesson I am excited to share with you on today’s Jacquie Straight Up, one that I’ll dig into a bit deeper next week.

Secondly — and equally important — are the incredible lessons and the inspiration I received from the awesome people I met while on my fitness adventure. My new friends were truly remarkable — click above to watch today’s particularly inspiring episode.

My fellow boot campers came in all shapes and sizes, including some who had a hundred or more pounds to lose. I think that by anyone’s standards, that sounds like a daunting task, but these guys were doing it. They were taking the monumental challenge one day at a time. They were methodical, focused, hard working, and patient.

So the big lesson is this: no matter what mountain or massive challenge may lay before you, you can climb it and get to the top victorious, as long as you put one foot in front of the other and never give up.

My friends at boot camp are living proof of this truth, and I thank them so much for being such an inspiration. When I feel like giving up on something, I think about them and their dedication.

Like the one guy, David, who had already lost 80 pounds and had about 120 still to go. His tenacity was palpable and gave me such strength.

Whatever seemingly insurmountable challenge you are facing, know this: you can be victorious.

Be proactive, be persistent, and be patient. You will get there, and if you’re working at it and doing your best, you deserve success, and it will come!

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And in the comments below, let me know how you face your biggest challenges…I’d love to hear from you!

You CAN get there!

Sending love and strength,

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  • Helena
    Posted at 19:17h, 26 February Reply

    OMG, all of the above!!! lol
    Other than Style…..don’t need much of that to de-clutter and fight off this cold of the century!
    cheers Jacquie

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