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The Joys of Pushing Your Valentine’s Day Boundaries

And…I’m back! After two weeks sequestered away at a fitness boot camp, I’m finally back in the “Jacquie Straight Up” saddle!

I must say, I was so touched by the notes sent by some of you, asking where the videos were and if I was OK! Thank you for that! My time away was as challenging as it was rewarding, and I’ll be sharing more on that next week. But right now, it’s almost Valentine’s Day…so let’s have some fun and talk about love and sex!

This time last year, I shared about the fact that adding some variety to your life — including your sex life — causes the release of dopamine, a feel good brain chemical that gives us the sensation of pleasure and euphoria. Pleasure? Euphoria? Who doesn’t want that? Sign me up!

So in today’s special Valentine’s Day episode, I’m encouraging you to, once again, add some spice to your life by changing things up. Push your boundaries a bit. Think “50 Shades” if you’re so inclined! Click above to watch, and find out how you can get in on all the action!

In the theme of pushing boundaries, here are my two top “dopamine-inducing” ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1. If you are in a relationship, think experiences. February 14th gives us a wonderful excuse to step out of the ordinary. So how about a little book of five or ten blow job vouchers for your guy to cash in whenever he so desires?! (How devilishly divine…click above for more naughty details!)

2. If you are single and ready for a lover: ask your friends and family to hook you up with people. Why do blind dates have such a bad name? They can be hugely fun and fascinating, and if they’re a disaster, they make for great dinner party stories down the road. Don’t let the fear of disaster hold you back. Watch above for more on blind date success!

So my big message to you this Valentine’s Day is this: spread your wings, think outside of the norm, and have some fun with it!

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And in the comments below the video, let me know your favorite tips for spicing it up this Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure you have some…and I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending love and strength,

  • Helena
    Posted at 18:58h, 12 February Reply

    Looking Good Jacquie!
    But then……….you always do!
    So nice to have you back.
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 05:36h, 13 February Reply

    How kind of you Helena – Thank you! Enjoy your Valentine’s day too!

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