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STOP Pursuing Happiness. Do these instead.

Ever notice how much joy you can get from the simple things in life?

For me, one of those things is bouncing on my trampoline! I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid…weird but true.

Some of those simple things are so much fun, but we tend to forget to either notice them, or to include them in our daily lives as we get caught up in the big stuff and in our constant “pursuit” of the things that we think will make us happy.

In today’s somewhat “weird” episode of Jacquie Straight Up, you’ll catch me on my trampoline. And then I weigh in on our society’s never-ending pursuit of happiness, something that we’ve got to STOP. Click above to watch.

In our society, the quest for happiness has become an obsession. So much so that it tends to become a chore, or even worse, a fight or a battle. In the meantime life passes us by.

So my advice today?

Drop the never ending pursuit of happiness once and for all! Instead, replace it with two things:

1. Focus on the simple things in life that bring you joy. The small, daily things. For me, that’s bouncing on my trampoline, hiking in nature, playing and cuddling with my beloved dog, soaking up the sun, and so much more…

2. Always pursue your full potential. By that I mean bring your gifts and talents to light, and be and do your BEST in all life’s endeavors.

When we do these two things — strive to reach our full potential and
find joy in the simple things every day — happiness naturally follows.

Don’t let life pass you by as you pursue happiness. Get in touch with what brings you joy and be and do your best at all times. It’s a simple formula but it is the key to living a happy life with no regrets.

By the way, I highly recommend bouncing! Mini trampolines are widely available and at very affordable prices…

And in the comments below, let me know what simple things bring you joy. I’d love to be inspired by some of your ideas!

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Sending love and strength,

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