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Start Where You Are, With What You Have

Here at my home in California, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving — such a joyful holiday!

If you’ve read My Fat Little Rule Book, you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE food. Bring on the turkey, stuffing, and all the yummy sides…and how about a big Scotch while we are at it! 🙂

And as someone who is proudly Canadian, but living in America, I’m fortunate enough to celebrate this special time of gratitude twice a year. I begin in October with my Canadian family and friends, and then I’ll carry on tomorrow with my loved ones here in the US. It’s really the best of both worlds, and I have so much to be grateful for!

But in today’s special Thanksgiving episode of Jacquie Straight Up, I want to share what I AM MOST grateful for this year…and it is YOU!

I consider it such a privilege to be able to enter your life once and week, and hopefully add a touch of inspiration to your day, even if in just a small way…and for that I am truly grateful. Thank-you so much!

Another reason why I’m so grateful to you is because you’ve helped make Jacquie Straight Up a success.

In September of 2013, I sent out my first video to about 100 people, mostly friends, family, and associates. And now, in just over a year later, my subscribers number in the thousands from all over the world. I am honoured and extremely grateful for your support.

When I began sending out my videos, I didn’t think that just a year later I’d have thousands of subscribers. But here’s the thing: I started with what I had, where I was.

And that’s my other big message for you today: If you have a goal, a dream, or a desire, start working on it RIGHT NOW with what you have.

Just START. Once the ball starts rolling, the Universe will start to guide you in the right direction…but you have to start…where you are…with what you have.

Don’t wait to have all the answers. Don’t wait to have it all figured out, or until you’re bigger. Just start. You’ll figure it out as you go.

So no matter where you are in the world this week, whether you’re celebrating a formal Thanksgiving or not, remember to take the time to be grateful. And then begin moving toward your dreams.

Remember, approaching life with an “attitude of gratitude” and then taking immediate action are such important keys to your success.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s Jacquie Straight Up, be sure to hit the like button and share with your family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you next week…and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending love and strength,

P.S. If you missed my fun TV interview on the Morning Show, it’s now been posted to my website. Click here to watch!

P.P.S. As a special Thanksgiving gift, I wanted to pass this along to you. If you deal with self doubt or negative thinking, you won’t want to miss it!

I just read something awesome. It’s called Doubt Busters: 6 Ways to Defeat Negative Thinking, created by my friend and colleague Cheryl Ellis. Cheryl is an author, speaker trainer, and coach who specializes in leadership excellence. She helps executives, business owners, and professionals achieve more and perform at higher levels so that they can get bigger and better results.

Click here to get Doubt Busters now. And if you are interested in Cheryl’s awesome talents, I’d be happy to introduce you…just let me know!

Here’s what one reader said:

I just read Doubt Busters and think it’s AWESOME. Cheryl put together about 7 years of personal development in one concise work. What I love best: choice and positive thinking, and not assuming the negative. I would love to see a workshop on how to train your brain on this. It could really change people’s business and personal lives. ~ Barbara Huston, Legal Shield


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