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This week on Jacquie Straight Up, I’m going to get on my broom stick and fly around a bit.

You’ll have to excuse me, but I kind of enjoy the news of Beyonce’s recent relationship troubles, and call “BS” on Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley’s “secrets” to anti-aging.

And then when I’m through with them, I fully admit to be pumped FULL of Botox.

But before you tune out this seemingly self-centered rant, just see it through. I’m going to make a big point you’ll probably appreciate…and it’s likely not the one you are expecting.

Beyonce’s “relationship” with Jay Z and Christie’s “agelessness” are examples of carefully cultivated images of perfection, and in my opinion, are phony, disingenuous, and misleading. And they are all indicative of a much larger issue: the detrimental portrayal of perfection in our society.

But getting the work “done” or indulging in some airbrushing isn’t my big problem. In fact, I fully endorse Botox and anything else you need to make you look and feel your best. My issue is how everyone tries to hide it and deny it. It’s the inauthenticity that drives me nuts.

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I go crazy when I hear people like Elle MacPherson say in an interview that the key to youthful looks is simply “being happy,” or Christie Brinkley say that her secret to aging so well is diet and exercise. Of course, those things count a whole bunch, and they take a whole lot of hard work…but let’s be real. The truthful answer also includes a damn good dermatologist or surgeon on speed dial!

And in the interest of full disclosure and living an authentic life, I am pumped full of Botox most of the time and I friggin’ love it!

Why? Because perceiving that we look good matters. When we think we look good, it makes us feel better about ourselves, and how we feel about ourselves, determines our entire life.

I preach health, fitness, and caring about your appearance because those things are critical for reaching your full potential. Truth be told, you’ll never be able to fulfill your destiny until you work towards reaching your full potential..and that’s why working diligently on yourself matters!

But it’s not about pulling the wool over people’s eyes or being dishonest about what it takes to look or be a certain way. By all means, do what it takes to look great. But then, be real and honest about it.

In my world, phony lips and phony boobs are just fine. But a phoney or inauthentic personality leaves MUCH to be desired.

My message to you is this: sure, aspire to role models — that’s a good thing. But always remember that when you compare yourself to anyone who appears to be perfect, you are quite simply comparing yourself to smoke and mirrors. And that applies to someone else’s career, looks, marriage, family, relationships, or even bank account.

It is NOT a perfect world. And anyone who implies that it is, is lying!

Bottom line: work hard at being the best you, you can be. Look your best, and do your best, all the while being honest and authentic. You will be rewarded for living that way.

Don’t strive to keep up with others. But rather, strive to live up to your full potential. You’ll find true happiness when you do!

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I’ll see you next week!

Sending love and strength,

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