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Some news…that calls for Champagne!

This week on Jacquie Straight Up, there’s champagne, there’s excitement, and there’s some extra pizzazz…because I’m CELEBRATING!

I just received some great news, and I’d love for you to get into it with me!

As you’ll see in today’s episode, this news came EXACTLY at the time when I needed it most. I had been dealing with what seemed like an unending string of bad news, and I really needed a break. At the point when I felt like I just couldn’t take it anymore, I went out to my yard, lay on my back, and screamed out to the Universe:

“Give me a break! GIVE ME A F*CKING BREAK!”

I was angry. It was contrary to all the spiritual solutions that I have studied. But…it worked. The very next morning, I received my exciting news.

Here’s the big lesson: the Universe does not respond to wishy-washy. The Universe responds to BOLD and STRONG declarations, and being very clear in what you need.

Want a fabulous life? Desire success? Craving more excitement? Need a sign to make that big change?

Maybe it’s time to cut through the crap, say it like it is, and tell the Universe exactly what you want, and that you want it NOW. Be CLEAR. Be DEFINITE.

Trust me, your good news will come, too. Although it’s important to remember that your version of NOW may be different to the Universe’s version of NOW!

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See you next week!

Sending love and strength,

  • Rebecca Bree
    Posted at 16:50h, 09 July Reply

    ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS JACQUIE!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to read it!!!!
    You are an inspiration and keep on yellin’ at the stars, they are listening!!!!!!


  • Jacquie
    Posted at 19:13h, 10 July Reply

    Thank you fabulous Rebecca Bree! I LOVE that…sounds like a book title to me ” Keep yelling at the Stars!”

  • Sonya
    Posted at 09:23h, 12 July Reply

    I’m sooooo happy for you Jacq!!! Congratulations!!!! I’ve just had some champers to celebrate your success….. and YES, you are a success!!! xo

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 14:51h, 17 July Reply

      Thanks SO much Ms. Sonya! Yes, with the support of friends like you, big things are happening – Woo hoo!!!

  • Caro Feely
    Posted at 10:53h, 17 July Reply

    Congratulations Jacquie my seesta incredible news! love Rebecca’s comment about yelling at the stars. Now we just have to change that bottle to Feely methode traditionelle sparkling wine …..

    • Jacquie
      Posted at 14:55h, 17 July Reply

      Yes, my dalling (no typo..) Caro!! Where can I get Feely methode traditionelle in the US? You know it would be my champers of choice in a heartbeat!!!
      We NEED Feely wines in North America!!!! I see all your great offers online and want so badly to be able to order….
      And of course, congratulations on both of your INCREDIBLE books, Grape Expectations and Saving our Skins – Brilliant!!! XOXO

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