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Seeking answers? Craving Inspiration? Look no further…

Today’s Jacquie Straight Up is coming to you direct from the coastline of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The place I called home for over 20 years (still do, truth be told!), I was back to visit my beloved family and friends, to take in the incredible scenery, and to indulge in BC’s truly amazing culinary delights.

British Columbia is stunningly beautiful, and there are few other places on earth where I feel so connected to nature.

Being connected to nature is so important. Why? Well, for one, when you are out in the wilderness, some cool things can happen!

In fact, while I was walking along a rocky beach one morning, appreciating all the beauty surrounding me, I felt compelled to share what had struck me while breathing in the clean air: my absolute favorite — and foolproof way — of dealing with dilemmas and finding inspiration.

Looking for answers? Seeking inspiration? Feeling stumped? Get ready to find out my #1 way of dealing with all of this in today’s Jacquie Straight Up. And the best part, it’s NATURAL, it’s EASY, and it’s FREE!

As I explain in today’s episode, being out in nature calms the spirit. When I’m outside, and I see the beauty of creation, it reminds ms that all is well with the world, and that everything is unfolding as it should.

My solution is simple: go outside and take a long walk in NATURE. But the key here is to NOT put pressure on the process or on yourself — don’t start out by saying “I have to figure this out!” Just set the intention when you begin, and tell the Universe what you are seeking.

Put your desires out there. Take a walk. And let your mind wander and be free and clear.

Trust me, the answers will start to come to you. Great ideas will manifest. And now you’re on your way to a kick-ass life of love, wealth, adventure, and freedom!

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Sending love and strength,

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