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I bet that you, like me, deal with a bunch of fear that sometimes holds you back from really killing it in this life.

Maybe it’s fear of failure, success, change, criticism, or rejection — heck, there’s tons of stuff that scares us! Some rational, and some not so much.

In today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I share with you how I was spooked by one of my all-time biggest fears, just a few weeks ago while I was hiking. My heart just about jumped out of my chest! But it did cause me to start thinking about the power of fear, and prompted me to share my top three ways on how to effectively deal with it, and get on with a kick-ass life.

And here’s where I go a little bit against the grain: typically, in the self development world, fear is considered a bad thing. Something to be conquered. Something to fight against. I disagree — watch the video above.

The truth is, fear is a perfectly HUMAN thing. Sure, it can be irrational. But remember, in many instances, it’s there to keep us safe.

The key is to NOT fight your fears. Instead, make peace with them. And then fly in the face of them. < So what fear is holding you back today? I encourage you to acknowledge it, and then do it! Thank-you so much for reading this note and watching today's episode. If you've enjoyed today's message, don't be “scared” to hit the “like” button and share it with your friends.

I’ll see you next week!

Sending love and strength,
Jacquie xo

  • Christa Meister
    Posted at 16:40h, 11 June Reply

    Thank you once again Jacquie for once again being a powerful voice, such great take a way’s for all of us who struggle with fear! Great lesson in the this week’s video!!

  • Jacquie
    Posted at 07:15h, 12 June Reply

    Thank you Christa! Your future is SO bright!! xo

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