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When Martha Stewart Meets “The Secret”

So I’m not an “arts and crafts” kinda girl, but this week, I’m about to go all “Martha Stewart” on you…but with a twist!

In today’s Jacquie Straight Up, I share with you my absolute favorite way to create your own VISION BOARD.

Why? Because vision boards rock. I love them. I use them. They, quite simply, WORK.

I’ve found that vision boards are incredible tools for manifesting your goals and dreams, and they help you create the life you want and deserve. Honestly, if you don’t have one in your life, now is the time!

If you have a computer, a printer, and a camera, then you’re good to go. Watch the video above and I’ll show you my simple and fun formula, one that I know will help move you closer to your kick-ass life.

Now, I don’t do it all virtually. This is because:

  1. I have ZERO graphic design skills (so relax if you aren’t artistically or technologically inclined).
  2. My vision board is made of images from all over the place….magazines, websites, random documents, etc. So the way I do it makes sense for me.

Bottom line: vision boards give us hope, optimism, and something to look forward to. And as I’ve shared before, something to look forward to is an essential component for happiness!

But be sure not to miss this important part: visualization combined with action and persistence is the magical and effective combination. This is the key to your vision board’s success.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s Martha Stewart-meets-The Secret video, hit the like button and share with your friends. And please, share your thoughts on vision boards in the comments section below. What are you dreaming about this week?

See you next week!

Sending love and strength,

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