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Have you ever tried meditating?

I do it regularly, but to be completely honest with you, I’ve always thought myself a failure at it.

I’ll sit down with good intentions, and almost immediately, my mind starts to buzz into the past and into the future — so not the point!

This used to bother me. But I’ve now realized that I’m not failing and I’m certainly not alone!

I’ve figured out that meditation is not about trying to “empty” your mind — it’s simply about being in the present.

No past. No future. Just being in the now.

Learning to be “in the now” is incredibly powerful — be sure to watch today’s Jacquie Straight Up to learn more.

So today, I encourage to you try meditation. If you’re already actively doing it, great! And if like me, you think you’re failing at it, don’t give up. Keep trying. Why?

  • Because meditation is very calming.
  • It gives us hope and optimism.
  • It is incredibly soothing in times of turmoil.
  • And it helps to rid the mind of worry by giving us perspective.

Believe me, meditation — training yourself to be more present — is a powerful tool that can ignite positive change for good in your life!

If you have success meditating, or maybe it’s a bit of a struggle, why don’t you tell me about it in the comments section below ? I’d love to hear what methods you are using to help move yourself into the here and now.

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See you next week!

Sending love and strength,

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