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What’s Holding You Back From Huge Progress?

Have you ever noticed this about yourself?

That we, as human beings, are resistant to doing those things that are good for us, that make us progress and therefore make us happy?

It’s weird but it’s true, right? Think about something simple like daily exercise. We know how good it is for us, and we even know that we feel great after we’ve done it…and yet so often we resist! We push back against something we know will make us happy.

We all know that we feel SO GOOD when we do make the right choices…so then why are we so resistant to making progress?

In his book, The War of Art, author Stephen Pressfield tackles this very topic — the “dreaded resistance.” He goes so far as to say that “resistance is the most toxic force on the planet.” Yikes! He doesn’t mince words!

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve struggled with the “dreaded resistance” factor, then today’s Jacquie Straight Up episode is for you.

As always, I go much deeper into this subject in my video, but here are my top tips on how to “stick it” to resistance — how to stop giving it so much power over you!

  1. Make a schedule, and stick to it as if your life depends on it. Don’t cave!
  2. Make your goals and plans realistic and doable.
  3. Live an orderly life. Get organized! Get rid of clutter and chaos. Chaos is a classic manifestation of resistance.
  4. Acknowledge fear of success exits, and then fly in the face of it!

Remember, resistance is a bully, and bullies back down when you stand up to them.

So stand up to resistance, force yourself to make some progress today, and stop the self-sabotage!

After you’ve had a chance to watch this week’s episode, I’d love to hear about how you’ve struggled with resistance. So be sure to comment in the section below. And be sure to hit the “like” button and share with your friends.

Sending love and strength,

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