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Happiness Guaranteed!

Have you ever felt blue? Maybe been in a funk that you just can’t seem to shake? Have you been waiting for that elusive person, place, or thing that will “make” you happy? Me too. I’ve been there, but not any more!

I now know that happiness is a choice! I’m here to tell you that no matter your circumstances, you can actually manufacture happiness. It’s true!

Let me explain…

Happiness isn’t something that just happens to us. It is something we either are, or we are not. It is a state of mind, and, as such, we can actually move ourselves into the required state, if we so desire. How cool is that!

In today’s video blog, I share with you my three key techniques for manufacturing happiness. It’s called “The Science of Happiness” — watch the video above find out all about it.

As always, I go much deeper in my video blog, but for those of you who are running busy, here is brief summary of how to inject happiness into your life, every day (but be sure to watch my video later, as there is no way I can put all this good stuff into a note, and I’d hate for you to miss out on something that could change your life):

  1. Be Grateful: This is a bit of a no-brainer. Grab you gratitude journal and start writing down everything you have to be grateful for.
  2. Be Engaged, Have a Focus, & Make Progress: We are happy when we are making progress towards something that matters to us. Force yourself to become focused and engaged in something that really matters.
  3. Create Positive Anticipation: Always have something to look forward to or to anticipate with enthusiasm. Dream of something that excites you and thrills you.

Thank-you so much, for reading this note, and for watching the video blog. I hope they have served you in some way. Please click the “like” button and let me know what you think.

And please share this with your friends…you never know, this might be the exact message they they need to hear right now. So don’t keep it from them…pass it along!

Sending love and strength,

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