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Take Some Credit!

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m running a hot bath, pouring myself a scotch, and flipping through the latest edition of Vogue. Yup, it’s been one of those weeks. And I’m finally allowing myself to relax.

I’m just back from a seriously intense business training week in the Caribbean. I was challenged, educated, and inspired by some incredible minds. It was truly amazing, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

But I have to admit, this conference really put my business goals under the microscope — my mind can’t stop spinning! The pressure is on! 2014 looms large! I have so much to do!

But then suddenly I realized — I need to stop stressing, at least for a moment. I need to let myself relax, breathe, and give myself some credit.

This is what today’s video blog is all about: giving ourselves credit, and celebrating all that we have achieved over the past year.

Yes, 2014 is looming with all its expectations, goals, and resolutions. Yes, there is a ton of stuff we all need to get done in the next twelve months. But, just for a moment, let yourself ENJOY everything that you’ve accomplished in 2013 — big or small — and savor your successes.

Taking this time to reward yourself is crucial. You’ll give yourself that extra boost of motivation for the new year, and it will give you the fuel to kick some serious butt in 2014!

Thank-you for allowing me to share this with you today. If you’ve enjoyed this video or this note, or if it’s served you in any way, please share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Now it’s time to finish off my scotch and slip into my bath. I deserve it. And so do you.

Sending love and strength,

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