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My #1 Holiday Gift Idea

I’m excited, as tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US — a time to give thanks for our many, many blessings. And, of course, it’s a time to celebrate with family and friends over loads of good food.

But this time (some of you may be shocked to learn), I’m doing “Thanksgiving in a box.”

No hours in the kitchen for me this year. Bring on the pre-cooked turkey, stuffing from a box, canned cranberries, pre-made mashed potatoes, and gravy from a package. Yikes! I hope it tastes better than it sounds…

As my friends can attest, I usually love to spend hours in the kitchen preparing for special occasions and dinner parties. But this year, ease and practicality trumped my culinary preferences. Here’s the thing — I’m leaving the next day for a business coaching session in the Caribbean and you all know how much there is to do the day before going away. So, one trip to Trader Joe’s, and I’m all set. Time to give thanks!

In addition to a time of feasting, Thanksgiving also kicks off the holiday shopping season for many of us, and in today’s video blog, I share with you my #1 gift idea: a reusable, personalized shopping bag.

It’s such a great gift. REALLY! Watch the video, and I’ll explain.

I love giving practical gifts like this — gifts that I know the receiver will actually use.

And the other cool part is that by giving these bags, you’re also giving a gift to the environment by reducing the number of plastic bags that pollute our beautiful planet every minute.

Thank-you for allowing me to share this with you today. If you’ve enjoyed this video or this note, please feel free to forward it along to your friends, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy US Thanksgiving!

Sending love and strength,

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