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“My whole message in life is to be daring, be different and be bold.”
~ Jacquie Somerville in Fashion Magazine, Winter 2013.

I was indeed honored to be interviewed and photographed by Canada’s Fashion Magazine and featured in an article entitled “Home Chic Home” for their winter 2013 edition, available now. Check out page 70!

I was asked about my approach to dinner parties over the holidays and I have to say that it is exactly as I approach most things in life: dare, risk, experiment, break free from the status quo and be a little crazy!

When it comes to entertaining, the key for me is to find the perfect balance between tacky and sophisticated – the event should be sophisticated so that your guests feel special and spoiled, but tacky enough so that everyone lets their hair down and has a blast! Trust me, tacky little touches are a phenomenal ice-breaker at any party.

What a great metaphor for life, don’t you think? Be classy but cool, sophisticated not snooty, and fun but fabulous!

As many of you know, I married my beautiful man in Las Vegas on November 10. So many of our guests said that it was the best wedding that they had ever attended. Why? Because we followed my entertaining principles to perfection. From a champagne-fueled, neon-lit Vegas party bus and the Elvis impersonator who walked me down the aisle (singing as he did), to a magnificent dinner in a private dining room in Sirio and VIP access to Tryst nightclub, an incredible time was had by all.

Enjoy the photo gallery above with behind-the-scenes shots of our Fashion Magazine photo shoot. I loved working with photographer Evann Kheraj and hair and make-up artist Jessica Venture, and of course my thanks to Fashion Magazine – it has always been my favorite Canadian fashion publication.

I wish you all some fabulous entertaining over the holidays: be bold, be daring and be different – your guests will love you for it!

Sending love and joy,


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