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Be Your Own Soulmate

“Most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it’s too late that the only thing one never regrets are one’s mistakes.” ~ Oscar Wilde

So why is it that most people die having never realized their dreams? Or never even have the courage to dream in the first place? Why is it that most people live safe, mundane, non-extraordinary lives and conform and compromise and conform some more and compromise some more, quietly towards the grave?

What about you? Do you LOVE your life? Does it excite you? Is your future filled with promise (no matter your age)? Do you have big dreams and are you on the path to fulfilling them? Helen Keller famously said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Is your life a daring adventure? And if not, would you like it to be?

You see I believe that we are all meant to be extraordinary. And, I believe that we have all been given unique gifts so that we can be extraordinary. I think that it would be a crying shame if you never became fully you – if you failed to live a life of passion and purpose – if you came to the end of your days filled with regret and wondering why you never ever truly lived.

In recent years while trying to discover my own true purpose in life, I began to ferociously seek answers to the question of why most of us go through our entire lives never really living. I found that the reason is because we are all taught from a young age to find our happiness in external people and things. We are not taught that loving ourselves is the most important thing of all. In fact we are taught that loving ourselves is selfish and conceited – and so we spend our lives being plagued by doubt and insecurities. We quite simply do not trust ourselves.

So what do we do about it? I want to start a movement: a movement that spreads all over the world, a movement that changes lives, a movement that revolutionizes the way we think and the way we raise future generations. The movement? STOP this obsession with seeking happiness outside of ourselves – we have to STOP this obsession with finding our soul mate in another. The key to true happiness? BE YOUR OWN SOUL MATE!

And here’s the thing – I adore men. I am crazy about fiery passion, romance, wild lust, and devoted love. And as for sex? I am a Scorpion woman – I love it! And I am deeply in love with a beautiful man. I love falling asleep in his arms – I love him unconditionally. He is complicated, loving, passionate, sexy, raw, honest, and did I say beautiful?

That being said, my soul mate does not exist in a man. My soul mate exists in me.

And that is why I trust myself. And that is why I am not afraid to follow my gut. And that is why I live an exciting life – a life filled with daring adventure – a life in the ‘now’ and a life filled with love.

You can too. Join me on the journey to self-love. Join me on the journey to self-trust – to living your dreams – to banishing fear and doubt. Stay tuned for my new book, Be Your Own Soulmate, and I will give you the essential steps to loving and trusting yourself fully!

In the meantime, I send you much love and deep strength,


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  • Hussam
    Posted at 07:27h, 01 October Reply

    I am 34 and have dated and been in relationships with a cuploe younger guys 20somethings.I have been completely in like with one younger man, it was a fantastic romantic experience that lasted just over two years. I definately sought after more then just sex.I am currently dating a 24 year ancient guy. We get along, we click’ it seems liek we have a lotof fun together and a lot in ordinary/delight in our time together.I feel close to him, intense romantic feelings but it is dificult to say how long we will stay together. We have been firends for about a year and dating for more then 3 months.We both place our hearts out there a small bit, take chances but it is scary for me too. What if I totaly fall for him, what if I do want long term and fall in like and our age is an issue for him (re long term). I also worry from time to time that younger men could only really like me for a small while b/c they are mainly driven for the fantastic sex.I try not to focus on age b/c i look and feel young. I feel emtionally/intellicually connected to my current bf.I wish you much like and the courage to take healthy chances for romance.I reckon it is fantastic you know what you want and hope you articulate that to a potential gf / soul mate eg I want to be taken seriously My only concern is the line i never want to be alone again I reckon there are fantastic times ourlives that we can heal best by being single.<3

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