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Me, Jason Matlo, and being PROUDLY CANADIAN


I was back in Vancouver the week of May 7 for a number of very special events. On May 7, 1992, exactly 20 years ago, I crossed the border on a Greyhound bus into Canada at Fort Erie, Ontario to begin my new life. It was my official “Day of Landing” – the day that I became a landed immigrant and my first step ever into my new country. What a ride the past two decades has been – a ride full of challenges, joy, beauty, sadness, wonder and lessons. The biggest lesson of them all? The tremendous power of persistence – to never, never, ever give up in the pursuit of a dream. I am a proud and grateful Canadian so it seemed fitting to celebrate the day with a dinner party for a few of my closest friends – some of the people who have been so instrumental in my happiness and success over the past 20 years.

It also seems fitting therefore to share with you the pictures of another beautiful and pertinent event that I attended that same week – The Art of Romance: Jason Matlo’s 2012 Bridal Collection. Jason is someone that all Canadians can be proud of – a homegrown fashion designer with enormous talent, charm and success – an inspiration for us all. He partnered with Tiffany & Co and the Rosewood Hotel Georgia to put on a magnificent event of romance and beauty – I loved it! From slinky, form fitting dresses to princess ball gowns – and my favorite, an elaborately beaded metallic stunner – the show was a feast for the eyes. I hope you enjoy the photo gallery above!

I will be attending Jason Matlo’s Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show soon and I am very excited to wear one of his beautiful creations to the event and to see more of his awesome talent. One proud Canadian supporting another proud Canadian.

I send you all love, strength and pride,

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