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As some of you know, I had/have some serious goals and resolutions for 2012 in general and specifically for January. Now I am ready to share some of them with you! I am experiencing a particularly exciting time in my life where dreams and determined, stoic action have started a tremendous upswing in momentum.

I had a goal to complete the writing of a powerful, poignant and amusing self-development book this past January but when I was struggling to get the job done, I had to admit to myself with brutal honesty where the roadblock was coming from. Quite simply it was this – how could I dispense advice to others when I was living below my own standards and below my own expectations in one very important area of my life?

You see, for many years I have been plagued by the cursed “last 10 pounds”. I am obsessed with fashion and yet to myself, I never quite looked the way that I wanted to in my beautiful clothes. I am a jogger and yet I never did run quite as well as I wanted to and most importantly, I had failed over and over again to reach the goal weight that I had set for myself in 2005. Failure to reach the goal has had a massive impact on my self-respect for far too long. Lack of self-respect affects absolutely everything in one’s life – career, relationships, love and belief. Yes it’s true, something as shallow and trivial as 10 pounds of lard, had deep, far-reaching ramifications for me. It was affecting my future and hindering my life’s awesome possibilities.

Finally, this past January, I found what I needed deep down in my soul to do what I had to in order to reach my goal weight and size. I dedicated the month to the project and I wrote about it – in fact I wrote a book about it! The book is an irreverent account of my 35 day diet and exercise plan – it is about food, fashion, motivation and something relevant to all people whether they want to lose 100 pounds or zero, GOALS!

My Fat Little Rule Book hits virtual shelves within the next few weeks and we are offering a free book to the first ten people who sign up to my website community! Click here to join.

I send you love and big dreams,

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