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Wanting to move forward…but stuck in the past

“Dear Jacquie,
Life meant a certain reality for me that was lived throughout most of my days as an adult. But now, everything I believed in, craved, adored, and stood by has become the past, and I am opening myself up to the possibilities of re-inventing myself again, loving differently, meeting new figures in life, and wildly discovering new adventures. So, why is it that when you walk through that door of opportunity does a cloud of memories hold you every day at hostage, reminding you not of the exciting future, but of what you have left behind?”
-Prisoner of the Past

My dear Prisoner of the Past,

Thank you for your letter. The most important thing that I have to say to you is this: In order for you to move forward with your new and fabulous life, you MUST make peace with the past. The reality that you lived for most of your days as an adult up until this point was valid and perfect for the exact time that it lasted. Its end is also valid and perfect. It is all in perfect divine order.

I offer you this advice for making peace with the past:

1. Be grateful for everything that has happened in your life. Be grateful for the people who have come and gone. It /they all had a purpose for you. There are NO mistakes and NO coincidences.

2. Forgive anyone who may need to be forgiven. Forgive them completely. Do it for yourself.

3. Have absolute faith in the divine order of your life and you will begin to see signs pointing you in the direction of your fabulous future.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when one door closes, the one that opens up is always better just so long as we believe it to be so. The transition is tough because change is often difficult for us but when you make peace with the past and you know that it was essential to your life going forward, you look back on it with love and gratitude. Then, you can grin at the future. It is fabulous. It is exciting. It is all unfolding as it should.

I send you love, peace and joy,

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