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Viva la Vintage!

I have never been much of a vintage kind of girl. The truth is that while I am very environmentally aware, I love new things and I am an incorrigible consumer…and so it has been rather cathartic and selfishly vindicating to discover the absolute joy, excitement and extreme creativity that comes from furnishing a home, almost in it’s entirety, with used furniture and accessories.

In my ideal world, we would do all we could to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. I realize that I am far from living my own ideal but I have recycling down pat and now I am one step closer by embracing the “Reuse” part of the environmental slogan. I have a long way to go when it comes to “Reducing” but awareness is always the first step toward making meaningful change.

The photo above is of the den in my new home in California and everything in the picture was acquired at local consignment stores. I cherish this incredible collection!

I encourage you, my readers, to give vintage a try…it does not mean that you have to embrace ancient antiques, a cottage-y look or an old-fashioned interior. You can still achieve a modern, contemporary or minimalist look, albeit somewhat eclectic. Oh and if you love art and design, check out where thousands of beautiful used items from centuries past and present are for sale from all over the world. I warn you though…you may well become addicted!

Happy Hunting!

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