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If I dream it, do I get it?

“Is it just as simple as thinking/dreaming/visualizing what you want and it comes to you?” – Dreamer

Hey Dreamer,

Let’s just say that step one is as simple as that! And you need to keep dreaming and imagining until answers start to show up for you and beyond…this could take a while. Don’t give up the dream. Life will eventually start to show you signs, some in the form of opportunities – big and small. Keep an open mind and be braveTake the opportunities! Believe the signs. Once you know what path to follow, obviously major ACTION will be required to make your dream a reality. Lastly, NEVER give up. Do you know that Colonel Sanders went to 1,008 restaurants with his fried chicken recipe until the 1,009th one agreed to add it to the menu? That’s tenacity.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep that fabulous dream movie playing in your head. Use your imagination. Make it big. Believe.

Enjoy the process.


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