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The premise behind My Fat Little Rule Book is how a fashionista finally reconciled with being a foodie, and how she managed to lose the “evil and obstinate last ten pounds.” The author, Jacquie Somerville, is equally crazy about both food and fashion, and, as many women can attest, these two passions usually cannot peacefully coexist.

Jacquie wrote My Fat Little Rule Book as a guide for herself, and it contains the 15 rules she developed that allowed her to achieve her goal weight. Jacquie doesn’t claim to be a health, fitness, or diet expert; rather, this is a book about her journey – it is her first-hand account of the pressure to look fabulous in Gucci while salivating over Gorgonzola.

A highly entertaining account of her 35-day diet and exercise plan, My Fat Little Rule Book includes Jacquie’s irreverent and humorous musings on everything from clothing and cuisine, to lust and motivation. Weaving raw and hilarious personal journal entries with the 15 rules and their accompanying – and shockingly honest – postscript notes, Jacquie weaves a delightful read that many women (and men) will relate to.

The work is also full of surprises, particularly when the reader realizes this book isn’t only about Prada and prosciutto, but rather, it goes much deeper, digging into the importance of setting goals and how achieving – or not achieving – them can impact one’s sense of self-worth.

The ebook version of My Fat Little Rule Book hits virtual shelves in a few weeks, with a hard copy version to follow shortly after.

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