My Vancouver home was recently published in the inaugural edition of Gray Magazine, a fab new publication for and about design connoisseurs who have a specific interest in the Pacific Northwest as a creative region. Once again, my thanks to the remarkable Robert Bailey for making this happen!

I love the magazine and I am very happy with the spread about my home. Please note a few key mistakes though. My condo is located on False Creek not Falls Creek and the beautiful living room rug is by Jan Kath (not the bedroom rug).

I’ve attached a few screen shots above from the online edition of the mag, but to view the entire spread, click here or pick up a copy on news stands.

“Dear Jacquie,
Life meant a certain reality for me that was lived throughout most of my days as an adult. But now, everything I believed in, craved, adored, and stood by has become the past, and I am opening myself up to the possibilities of re-inventing myself again, loving differently, meeting new figures in life, and wildly discovering new adventures. So, why is it that when you walk through that door of opportunity does a cloud of memories hold you every day at hostage, reminding you not of the exciting future, but of what you have left behind?”
-Prisoner of the Past

My dear Prisoner of the Past,

Thank you for your letter. The most important thing that I have to say to you is this: In order for you to move forward with your new and fabulous life, you MUST make peace with the past.