The BC SPCA asked me to be locked in a cage with my cell phone and contact list, set a fundraising goal to kick start their annual Paws for a Cause campaign, and stay in the cage until my goal was met! I said “YES!” Why? Because loving animals and helping those in need is my most passionate calling. So, on Thursday August 25, I strapped on my Dior heels, grabbed my Vuitton purse and settled in to a cage in the Vancouver dog shelter for the afternoon. It wasn’t long before I was joined by a delightful, happy and loving little Chihuahua mix named Nugget ~ Later I found out the wonderful news that a family had filled out an application in the hopes of adopting her!

A good friend of mine gave me this bumper sticker a few days ago. She knows me well. She knows that this speaks to me, makes sense to me and excites me. It reminds me that as women, we are powerful when we step outside of society’s expectations; we make history when we are not afraid to challenge the status quo or ruffle feathers along the way.

My friend is a fearless female. She lives by her own rules and is a champion at manifesting – this makes her one of my mentors.

I am not one for heroes, but there is a woman in history who comes close for me. She personifies the sticker quote. Her name was Beryl Markham – described as “impetuous, single-minded and beautiful, Markham was a noted non-conformist…” My kind of woman exactly.

As I have already mentioned, my new home in California is an eclectic collection of locally sourced finds, mostly from the 70’s and 80’s – I like to think of it as Halston meets Bob Mackie. But in addition to this fascinating concept, I am also including interesting bits and pieces of fabulousness from my travels. I am not known for trinkety souvenirs, but I do love to find unique and memory-evoking items on my trips that will forever be conversation pieces in my homes.

Take for example my acquisitions from my recent trip to Bali (see images above). I chose these pieces because the Balinese are known for their carvings and these are beautiful examples that required immense talent and experience to create.

“Hi there Jacquie,
I love your response to Disillusioned Dreamer. I’m currently working on my exit strategy from the corporate world and your advice has inspired me to keep on going. I’m investing not only money, but time and energy as I prepare to take the leap. I don’t have a question, but rather a request for some words of wisdom from someone who has found success is so many areas of her life. I’m so proud of you.”
– Budding Entrepreneur

Hi Budding Entrepreneur!

All actions begin first with a thought; our thoughts are so powerful. The next step is making a decision…again, so powerful, as a single decision can change our lives. Next up is massive action — it sounds to me as if you are in this phase of your entrepreneurial journey, so kudos to you!

BE BOLD!! Your fashion and decor can be fabulous outlets for your creativity! Have fun, take risks and be completely unaffected by the “good” opinion of others…do what strikes you!

If you had told me that I was one day going to be the proud owner of a taxidermied peacock, I would have called you crazy. But the truth is, it was the first thing that I saw when I walked into a consignment store in Palm Springs and I just had to have it…go figure (see the peacock in gallery below)! Anyway, just wait ’til you see it set up in my home – it looks absolutely magnificent – and talk about a conversation piece!

And then there are these outlandish Givenchy shoes (shown below), the neon pink swing jacket and the studded clutch…let the conversations begin!


About a week ago, I had a superb evening at L’Abattoir (217 Carrall Street, Vancouver). After all, it is hard to beat delicious food, champagne and the company of the fabulous Rebecca Rawlinson, my friend and fashion guru!

I chose ocean fresh halibut, thinly wrapped in bacon, and served with pea shoots and gnocchi, all surrounded by a buttery green pea sauce — OMG, anytime the words bacon and gnocchi appear in the same sentence, you just know it’s going to be good!

Our surprise dessert was local strawberry shortcake served with strawberry sorbet. These berries were mouthwateringly good (you know the kind that taste like real strawberries), picked at the peak of ripeness, sweet, juicy and intense.

L’Abbatoir is a cool space with a hip crowd.