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When your
love life is in disarray
and nothing else seems
fulfilling or joyful…

You’re not crazy or needy. Here’s the truth:



The Sexy Sessions!

Let’s face it; your LOVE Life Needs HELP…

It’s either non-existent OR it’s lackluster at best.

You hunger for the kind of love and passion that makes you feel as if everything is possible.

You want to know how to stand in your power as a woman, set boundaries and high standards, all the while being sexy and irresistible to fabulous men. (Or your fabulous man!)

You want to feel ALIVE! At peace but with a fire inside that thrills and excites you…

You want to feel sexy and feminine while maintaining control over your own destiny.

No more waiting in the wings. No more hiding your glory. You have so much love to give. So much passion you’re ready to unleash!

But right now you feel lonely even when you’re not alone. Lonely even if you have a spouse. Lonely even though you know you’re complete without one.

Something’s missing.

I get it.

  • You know you’re smart and independent yet it would be so damn fabulous to be unconditionally loved and supported by a man who has your back.
  • You know you are already complete yet it would be so delicious to be cherished and adored.
  • You know sex is not “everything” but it would be so thrilling to be desired, taken and claimed.

You hunger for the kind of love and passion that makes you feel as if everything is possible. You know that feeling. You’ve had it before and you want it again. And you know that you do NOT want to give away your power in the process.

You are ready for a fulfilling and passionate love life and you’re ready NOW. I understand. And the wait is over.

I am Jacquie Somerville and I am a leading expert in matters of the heart and sexy confidence. I’m a bestselling author, speaker, passion coach and the creator of “The Sexy Sessions!”

Passion, self-love and sexy confidence define my life but it wasn’t always this way…

Here’s the truth:

Like most women, I’ve struggled with feeling self-conscious, not enough, body issues, and massive self-doubt. Fretted about my thighs in the throes of passion. Felt like I wasn’t smart enough, thin enough, good enough.

So I played small, and put up with people and situations that were less than stellar.

I spent years in a passionless relationship – trying to talk myself into the fact that passion wasn’t that important, that other things took priority, that I could live without “it”.

The resentment built. I became bitter. Unfulfilled. And that affected every other relationship, my attitude, and my happiness. It was a HUGE price to pay for accepting the status quo.

And then I fell deeply in love with a passionate soul who rocked my world. I felt like I was on fire, capable of all things and living the dream. Oh it was so delicious to be in love, desired, taken, inspired.

A woman possessed by love feels capable of doing the impossible!

Then tragedy struck. My heart felt like it shattered into a thousand pieces.

But not for long.

As it turns out, opening my heart to passionate love had opened the window to my soul and the door to my life’s purpose!

Now that I had tasted passion and knew the true meaning of unconditional love, I was never going to approach anything in my life without them again.

My life was forever changed.

But taking a chance on love and passion is scary, I know. I get it.

Standing tall in your own brilliance and having the confidence and the self- assuredness to open your heart to passionate love is a skill.

It’s an art.

And you can learn it quickly and beautifully. And I am a leading expert in helping women to sizzle with sexy confidence and become magnetic to the kind of love and passion that sets the heart on fire and engulfs the soul.

So I developed a completely transformative process that’s available to you in

The Sexy Sessions!


The process is simple, fabulous, affordable, and OMG it works!  You will learn:

  • How to feel sexy so every man (or your man) wants you while having high standards for yourself and sticking to them unwaveringly – A true Queen
  • How to define your boundaries and live by them, all the while being irresistible to others
  • How to indulge in flirtation and fun without giving away your power
  • How to live your truth unapologetically all the while being magnetic and desirable to others
  • How to be confident enough to have sex with the lights on and love it!
  • How to decide what you are and are not available for in your life going forward and how to make what you want, your reality

Become a sexy, confident and irresistible MAGNET to men (or your man) without giving away your power!

You crave Enchanting Love. Deep Affection. Spellbinding Passion.

Let’s just say it. You want a spectacular lover. A shared vision for the future, rocking sex, passionate affection, similar values, great communication, he’s masculine but loves the feminine, he compliments your life, supports you, cherishes you, WANTS you. He’s grounded, sexy, fascinating and has a great curiosity for life. You want to feel alive with thrilling possibility and electrifying chemistry.

It’s your time to Become Irresistible to the Love and Passion you crave while remaining true to yourself.

It’s your time to Become Irresistible to the Love and Passion you crave while remaining true to yourself.

You’re called to follow your heart. Trust your gut. To live a passionate life unencumbered by the opinion of others and the pressure to tow the line.

It’s YOUR time to master your feminine intuition and unleash your sexy confidence.

Just Imagine…

  • Walking into a room and watching the heads turn – not because of how tight your skirt is but because of your magnetism, your aura
  • Feeling at Peace and calling in passion with ease – in sexy sync with the Universe
  • Being with your spectacular lover because you want him – not because you need him
  • Feeling deeply self-assured and grounded yet aware of your own magnificence
  • Loving and respecting YOURSELF like never before
  • Feeling on fire, alive and capable of ANYTHING!

Join me and become Irresistible to the Passionate Life and Love you seek all the while maintaining a queenly command over your own destiny.

Are you READY?

You’ve been asking for an affordable yet life-changing way to work with me so that’s exactly what I have created for you. You want love, passion and sexy confidence without having to go into debt for it.

So here are The Sexy Sessions!

6 Weeks WHERE I GIVE YOU MY ALL! Teach you everything you need to know about Being a Sexy, irresistible, magnetic woman who men want and woman admire. A woman who radiates sexy confidence and sizzles with self-love. A woman so sure of herself and her standards that she maintains queenly control over her own destiny.

I’ve made the price irresistible too. It bothered me that this knowledge wasn’t within reach of every woman who wanted it.

Here’s what The Sexy Sessions include:

  • 6 Weeks of Live Video Lessons going through my transformative process – The 6 steps to Sexy Confidence and Sizzling Self-Love so that you become magnetic to the love and passion you desire without compromising your soul or giving away your power
  • Each week’s lesson is followed by up to 2 hours of live Q and A so that you can get all your questions about love, sex, confidence, passion, boundaries and standards answered
  • Privacy and Belonging. You can ask your questions anonymously if you wish although The Sexy Sessions are where you will feel safe, loved, supported and have a deep sense of belonging
  • Recordings of all the lessons and Q and A sessions provided to you in case you miss the live presentation and so you can review the lesson and Q and A as much as you need to
  • Unlimited contact and support from me personally through our exclusive and private Sexy Sessions Facebook page so you never feel alone and confused about what to do next on your journey through my proven steps to sexy confidence, sizzling self-love and mad passion!

To make my dream of reaching even more women a reality, I have made the Sexy Sessions totally affordable to you.

My coaching packages usually start at US$3000.
But not anymore.

The Price for the Sexy Sessions is $1297

You can change the trajectory of your love life in 6 weeks and for $1297. Simple.


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Jacquie inspired me to finally put myself out there. I followed her advice and now, within a few weeks, I’m dating a great guy and having SO much fun with him. He’s been exceeding all my expectations, even with the higher standards Jacquie encouraged me to set!

Jana Sibson


Jacquie has taught me the strength that lies in “stepping out” in all aspects of life and showing the world who I am and being proud of it! I was single when I hired Jacquie and had been for about 3 years. As a result of Jacquie’s guidance, I am now dating a kind, loving wonderful man. I can’t thank Jacquie enough!

Kim McKay


Jacquie’s personal story & life philosophy are enough to leave your jaw dropping in awe. Her fierce nature to live her most passionate, sexy and abundant life magnetically draws your attention and inspires you to do the same. Your life is forever changed.

Shawn Neff


I began coaching with Jacquie when a relationship was ending in my life and she got me through my darkest days. That breakup almost broke my heart, and Jacquie guided me to mending and healing it on my own. I found my inner “Divine Vixen” in the process! I followed my gut to the man who means the world to me.

I know now that I am enough, and Jacquie always knew it! I am a strong, sexy, confident, powerful and wealthy woman- A mantra I will never give up. To coach with Jacquie is the best decision I’ve ever made!

Amanda Garrett


I was facing some significant challenges in my marriage. How can I balance being the strong, independent breadwinner with my desire to have a man that leads? I was super frustrated and on the verge of divorce when I met Jacquie. I first read her book, and then got coached by her in Paris…

I went from being an angry, ungrateful, nagging wife who constantly screamed and shut her husband out, to a woman full of passion and gratitude!

Kathy Haan


“…Whip smart, witty and wise, Jacquie’s approach to life is admirable, inspiring and attainable. Her perspectives, insights and ideas have transformed my life.

And she’s just someone you want to know, spend time with, and learn from.

Lisa Steadman




  • When do the sessions begin? The Sexy Sessions begin on the first Wednesday of every month and you can pick your start date. There are 6 sessions in total.
  • What days and times are the sessions held? They are held on consecutive Wednesday’s at 10 am. Pacific time (1pm EST) and run for up to 3 hours.
  • Are the days and times subject to change? Yes, occasionally we will make changes due to my tour dates. You will get plenty of notice.
  • What if I am unable to attend? All our sessions are recorded and you will have access to the recordings immediately following the sessions in perpetuity.
  • If I raise my hand will my question get answered? Yes. Everyone who has a question will be answered in each and every session.
  • Can I ask a question anonymously? Yes. You do not have to appear on camera
  • Do I need any special software etc. to participate? No. You will be sent a link via email to click on and access the session.
  • How do I ask questions and stay in touch between sessions? You will have access to a private and exclusive Facebook group only available to myself and the participants in the Sexy Sessions. I will check in daily and answer all your questions personally!

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Still not sure?

The Sexy Sessions ARE for you if you are:

  • Longing to feel alive, sexy, desired, and in love without giving away your power
  • Ready to become an irresistible magnet to men (or to your man)
  • Stuck in a mundane and passionless partnership or single and done with it
  • Hungry for adventure, passion, affection and burning desire
  • Craving the kind of sexy confidence that enables you to get whatever you want and have a whole lot of FUN along the way
  • Ready to take feminine and intuitive charge of your own Destiny

I dream of a world in which every woman experiences the kind of confidence that does not hinge on everything always going well but rather the kind of confidence that reassures her she will be fine when it doesn’t.

I dream of a world filled with love, one in which we’ve healed the divide between men and women, achieved equality while embracing our differences, and regained our femininity without losing our power.

Oh yes, it is my lifelong dream that every woman experience the kind of love and passion that makes her know that everything is possible… Because everything is possible.

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YOU don’t have to wait another minute to feel sexy, powerful, magnetic– to take charge of your magnificent future and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

There is an inexplicable peace, a deep-rooted joy, and unbridled fearlessness that comes from tapping in to our sexy power. Our sexy, intuitive, feminine brilliance holds the key to our ultimate happiness!

But how do you tap into it with ease?

Join the Sexy Sessions by clicking here NOW!

If attracting the love and passion you desire in your life has not happened for you yet, chances are it won’t until you implement a totally different approach – one that has you feeling like you’re on fire, a magnetic confident woman, deeply secure and capable of anything!

The love and passion you desire is waiting for you.

Join The Sexy Sessions where you will become a magnet for love, passion and thrilling opportunity.

You are not alone in this.


How ready are you for

Sexy confidence and Passionate Love?

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Don’t put your passionate and abundant life on hold for one more moment. You have SO much love to give and so much to share with a spectacular lover.

I am excited to witness your passionate transformation!

Sending much love and sexy strength

Jacquie XO