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Unleash Your Full Potential
on the World!

Sexy, Sensual And Successful!

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A private and exclusive mentorship for women with a burning desire for a life of PASSION AND PURPOSE!

This is THE year you’ve decided to live a life of Purpose and Significance…

You want to be a successful badass woman while embracing your sensuality and feeling confidently sexy!

You’re sick of playing small. You want to feel excited about life! You want to uncover and utilize your magnificent gifts and talents…

You crave a passionate life of purpose. I know you. I feel you. I know you’re DONE with holding back and playing small.

You hunger for true significance and you want to make a difference in the world. You’re aware of your potential and it’s bursting to be unleashed.

You’d love to make your mark. You want to feel prosperous and passionate, and you’re ready NOW. I understand. The wait is over.

Hello! I am Jacquie Somerville, entrepreneur, bestselling author, international coach and the founder of Sexy, Sensual and Successful.


Feeling fulfilled, loving what I do, building a business, and making a difference in the lives of women around the world – and doing it all with passion and confidence – fills me to the brim. But my life wasn’t always this way.

In fact not so long ago I was stuck in the dull and desperate feelings of inconsequence and frustration. Frustrated that I had potential I was aware of and yet not pursuing, concerned that I had gifts I was hiding, desperate for passion, and craving a purpose. And even though at the time, I had manifested every material possession I ever wanted, I felt empty and insignificant.

Nothing excited me. I didn’t have any clear goals – things I could work towards that thrilled me. Felt I was wasting my life and that freaked me out.

The knowledge that there was something more for me but I wasn’t acting on it was eating me up. I HAD to do something!

So I went on a journey…

I studied with the greatest personal development and high performance teachers in the world, read, observed, pushed through my comfort zone – again and again. Learnt to fly airplanes, started a business, wrote 3 books, fell passionately in love, travelled the world, coached, created and produced my own show, realized my dream of being on the stage, and then worked with even more extraordinary clients from 5 continents around the world.

In the process of it all I:

  • Discovered what I was born to do on this earth
  • Figured out how to make my own money doing what I love (that was a HUGE breakthrough for me)
  • Inspired others to discover their passion and live with purpose
  • Learned the power of love and forgiveness
  • Began to build a sexy, badass empire of my own!
  • Discovered the secret to feeling happy, fulfilled and passionate

Nothing feels better than living and loving wholeheartedly, dropping the fear and taking control over one’s own destiny!

I learned that happiness truly is the joy you feel when you’re in pursuit of your full potential. I listened to the call of my soul, honed my skills, and began to make money doing what I loved. Insignificance gave way to fulfillment! I completely transformed my life. YOU CAN TOO and in a fraction of the time it took me and with all the support and guidance you will ever need!



Sexy, Sensual and Successful

Become a sexy and successful woman in full pursuit of your extraordinary potential. Step up and claim your own destiny with all the passion in your soul!

And do it all while embracing your feminine sensuality!

You’re aware of your potential and you are beyond ready to pursue it with undiluted fervor! You’d love to make an abundance of money doing what you love. You’re just not sure how yet, and at times, you feel afraid. Perhaps afraid of failure, rejection, of not knowing what the next steps are. Like most of us who’ve been where you are, you may wonder if you’re good enough to step up and create a business or write books or speak to thousands, to love whole-heartedly or whatever else your soul is yearning to experience.

You doubt yourself and your worthiness from time to time. Sustaining the belief that the life you crave can and will be your reality is difficult – I get it. I was there.

The fear causes you to procrastinate and self-doubt stops you from taking any steps towards the greatness you know is deep inside you. It’s a problem so many women face especially in their 40’s and 50’s – especially after a major change like loss or divorce. Craving a sense of purpose and a significant life of passion but stuck in indecision and procrastination is frustrating, I know.

You’re ready to figure out what you really want with crystal clear clarity and then step up to claim it with audacity and fearless confidence. You want to be guided in the process and shown exactly what to do.

Just imagine:

  • Knowing precisely what you want with crystal clear clarity
  • Knowing exactly how to go about making those desires a reality
  • Believing in yourself, your abilities and your worthiness once and for all
  • Making money doing what you love
  • Feeling inspired, alive and capable of ANYTHING!
  • Walking into a room and watching the heads turn – not because of how tight your skirt is but because of your confidence, your magnetism, your aura!

Join me and become ALL that you were put on this earth to be!

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Become a
sexy, confident and successful woman

It’s your turn to be staggeringly successful, to feel confidently sexy, to be prosperous, and to prove to yourself and the world that you can be all you were put on this earth to be.

The Exclusive Sexy Sensual and Successful Mentorship
is for you if you are:

  • Longing to feel significant and passionate
  • Sick of worrying about judgment and the opinions of others
  • Ready to unleash your brilliant potential
  • Stuck in what feels like a mediocre life when you know there’s so much more out there for you
  • Hungry to generate financial abundance
  • Craving the kind of sexy confidence that enables you to get whatever you want

You’re about to co-create your thrilling life in sexy sync with the Universe

You’re about to have sexy and alluring power over your own destiny, to unleash your talent and unlock your extraordinary potential

You’re on the cusp of discovering your POWER and living your PURPOSE!


Are you Ready?

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I know you are ready to prove the naysayers and critics wrong. You’re ready to become all you were born to be…

In this moment, you are younger than you’ll ever be.

There has never been a better time to take passionate control over your future.

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I have spent the last few years working with fabulous clients from around the world and here is what some of them have to say:

You’ve been with me from the beginning. You’ve ALWAYS believed in me, Jacquie, always. Most importantly, when I didn’t believe in myself. Having someone hold that space for me has been the greatest gift. You held the space for me to grow my self- love, and to grow and nurture my joys. You are a gift.

Rachael Allen

South Carolina

Jacquie Somerville has guided me to BIG things in my life. I am stronger, braver and a “Yes I Can” type of woman, more than ever before…to coach with Jacquie is the best decision I have ever made!

Amanda Garrett


We left our Intensive Weekend with Jacquie with a clear sense of our new company’s mission, purpose and financial goals and a plan to immediately begin to put it all in motion.

This weekend was a thrilling journey into the cutting-edge psychology and quantum physics of personal and professional development. With you as our fearless leader we rocketed through the heavens to look back down on our lives, hopes and dreams from the perspective of the very stars of which you reminded us we our made.

We reinvented and renewed our commitment to greatness in every area of our lives. Your role as our business advisor and personal life coach supplies us with the intellectual know-how and emotional support and stamina we need to stay the course ahead, slaying every big bad dragon that shows up to try and sway us or slow us down along the way…

You rock, Jacquie Somerville. Thank you for empowering us to go out now and rock our own worlds…

Sarah Hollister


I am excited and energized about my future at last! Jacquie has the keen ability to cut through the issues and zero in on the problem. She always offers a solution I can embrace!

Camille Razaar


When I started working with Jacquie I was running my business more like a hobby. Jacquie helped me make my business a priority…Most importantly, she has shown me time and again, the strength in “stepping out” in all aspects of life and showing the world who you are and being proud of it.

Kim McKay


It only makes sense to take advice from people who have first-hand experience in living life — Jacquie has had many journeys and it is refreshing that she can be honest with herself as well as the world around her! My exposure to Jacquie has allowed me to recognize what I want for myself, and enabled me to stop worrying about doing what others expect me to do. Jacquie showed me that I can get through anything as long as I am open to my surroundings, have the passion to achieve my goals, and, most importantly, accept and believe in who I am.

MJ Dougherty


A 45-minute conversation with Jacquie transformed my life for the better so I hired her! Working with Jacquie has enabled me to refocus on what’s most important to me. I adore our sessions, and I come away from each one with a renewed sense of confidence, empowerment and direction for what I want in life!

Helen Themistocleous


It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone come into your life who inspires you to step up and take center stage – Thank you Jacquie Somerville!

Cindy Martin



YOU don’t have to wait another minute to discover your purpose– to tap into your sexy power and to start living up to your full potential!

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There are TWO ways for you to chose from to transform your Life and claim your true destiny:

Discover which package is right for you in a personal and complimentary one-on-one call with me right now.

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  • A Private Weekend Intensive – Join me at The Ritz Carlton on the marina in Los Angeles for 2 ½ days of mind-blowing discoveries, reinvention and strategies. These luxury weekends are staggeringly effective, beautiful, fun and completely transformational. Clients leave with a crystal clear vision, a plan, and extraordinary motivation to live the life they were destined to live. Includes one full month of follow up sessions via Zoom.
  • 3 month One-on-One Zoom Coaching Package. Includes a one- hour one-on-one coaching session every week for 90 days so that you are heard, understood, inspired and guided every step of the way to your new life of Passion and Purpose. Unlimited email contact and support from me personally for the full 90 days so you never feel alone and confused about what to do next on your journey through my proven steps to sexy success, purpose, prosperity and your thrilling destiny

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If living the life of your dreams has not happened for you yet, chances are it won’t until you implement a totally different approach – one that has you feeling deeply secure, crystal clear, powerful and capable of anything!

Life is too short for struggle, and certainly too short to live in a state of longing for one more moment. Your full potential is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to rise up and meet it.

So I invite you to do just that in my exclusive Sexy Sensual and Successful Private Mentorship where you will become all that you were born to be!

You deserve a mentor who has been where you are, who knows how to live passionately, unleash potential, discover purpose, a mentor who gets you and who will guide you and support every step of the way.

You are not alone in this.


There will NEVER be a better moment than right now for you to claim the life you deserve.

How ready are you for life of Passion, Prosperity and Purpose?

Yes Jacquie! I’m in!

Don’t put your passionate and abundant life on hold for one more moment. You have SO much talent to share with the world.

I invite you to experience a complimentary no strings attached call with me to personally discover The Sexy, Sensual AND Successful Mentorship.

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I am so excited to witness your passionate transformation!

Sending so much love and sexy strength

Jacquie XO