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If you enjoyed my story of love, loss and unbridled passion from the stage, you’ll be blown away by the rest of the story!

It’s now written in my next book and I have a feeling you’re going to love it…

The book, One Woman After Dark is available for pre-order to attendees of the Fearless Women’s Summit ONLY!

BE inspired to:

  • Love like never before
  • Live with Fire and Passion!
  • Spice up your love life!
  • Attract a passionate lover
  • Live and Love Wholeheartedly!

And above all, be prepared to blush and be thoroughly entertained…

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(For $20 including shipping)

Here’s a sneak peek at a portion of Chapter 1:

The first time my Beautiful Man took me in the bathtub, he came around the corner, glanced at me lounging naked in the warm water and began to strip.

He walked towards me with purpose and lustful focus taking his clothes off one item at a time and climbed in on top of me in one move. He was hard by he time he got there.

The short and powerful approach to the climb in was enough foreplay for me. So turned on by his devilish grin, the look in his eyes, audacity, and take no prisoners attitude to sexual unification, I wanted him inside me as soon as he was ready.

I giggled and jokingly protested as he approached. It added to his determination and the pleasurable excitement of the moment.

“Come on Baby”, he laughed, “You know you want it…”

I wanted my Beautiful Man morning, noon and night. The physical and chemical attraction was staggering and unprecedented and then there was the sweetness – the kind heart that contradicted all assumptions.

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