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How to Create Impact, Inspiration and Massive Income
through Speaking…

Exclusive Speaker Coaching

with Sharla Brown and Jacquie Somerville



  • Crystal clear clarity on your unique message to the world!
  • Knowing exactly which of your stories are best suited to rock your audience!
  • Blowing your audience away with the most powerful delivery ever!
  • Making big money while indulging in your passion for speaking and sharing!

Yes You Can!

You may have been struggling to get clarity and to create a profitable and impactful message from the stage but the uphill battle is OVER!

We’ve got you.

Give us just one month and we will help you to construct and deliver a life-changing speech for you and your audience…

The One Month Message to Millions Coaching package includes:

  • 4 recorded coaching modules to create your Message to Millions!
  • Story selection for your unique 20-minute Ted-Style talk so that you can make an enormous impact
  • Construction of your powerful message so that you deliver an unforgettable speech
  • Coaching on the best delivery ever!
  • Your personal plan to monetize your message and GET BOOKED!
  • AND… A BONUS one hour private coaching session with Sharla and Jacquie to practice your speech and plan your success!

We have an unprecedented BONUS for you!

Speak at a One Woman Fearless World Summit Online!

Deliver your completed speech to an online audience of potentially hundreds of women around the world! This is your chance to practice! Get testimonals! Get feedback!  Gain followers and raving fans!

This is an exclusive bonus and is ONLY available with this very special One Month Message to Millions coaching package right now and is available to the FIRST 10 APPLICANTS ONLY!!

We only have room for 10 Private Clients in this special Coaching Program.

Your investment is US$ 997

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