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From Hell to HAPPINESS

How to Rise from a crisis and create a happy life that inspires you.

Big dreams and ambition are sexy!
Big dreams and ambition are sexy!

Big dreams and ambition are sexy!


Jacquie Somerville

You thought you had everything figured out. You were living the dream. And then the unthinkable happened. Now you face an uncertain future.


Is it heartache you are struggling with?

A break-up? Divorce? Job loss or did your money vanish?
Or perhaps you’re feeling empty or stuck in your relationship or career—staying where you are for fear of the unknown.

In short your life seems to be falling apart.

You really want to get out of the pain but don’t know where to begin.

You are not sure who to confide in or where to turn. You can’t call that friend again. You can’t really share what’s going on (at least not fully) with those who know you and your circle. You feel misunderstood. At times, judged.

You go back and forth with what decision to make – one day it feels right to do one thing and the next day, it’s the opposite. The indecisiveness is driving you crazy. One minute you feel strong, like you’ve got this, and the next minute, you feel messed up, unable to function.

You’re Hurting

You wonder if you’ll ever feel happy or passionate again – if you’ll ever feel strong enough to move on and have a meaningful and joyful life once more.

You wonder if you will ever be excited about life again – you know that thrilling sensation of anticipation that used to feel so delicious?

Part of you feels like there must be something more for you, the other part terrified that perhaps your best years are behind you.

I Understand you, because I’ve been through some of life’s most difficult transitions and have overcome what could have been crippling loss and tragedy.

I get it. I really get it. More than once I’ve gone through soul-crushing experiences related to love and money.

During one specific I-never-would-have-seen-it-coming time in my life, my seemingly perfect life came crashing down in an instant – an instant that took me to my knees. It hurt to breathe. So many days, the sadness felt like it would swallow me. I cried a lot – sought solitude even though it hurt to be alone. Wondered how I was going to carry on.

I felt misunderstood, judged, and even ignored by some of the people I thought I could count on. Some friends tried to help but their words often hurt instead. On so many days I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and that terrified me.

And then one night not long after the tragedy, the rage hit and everything changed.

I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror when the anger came. Rage at how this could happen. Anger at myself for what I had become – beaten down, powerless, weak. And all I am thinking in that moment is this powerless person isn’t me. Lying down and giving up is not an option. I’m going to fight for my life, for my future, for joy and happiness.

I had to figure things out and turn my pain into joy and my fear into success. It was time to take a stand for my destiny.

And I did. I discovered a powerful formula for happiness and success – and yes they are connected!

I figured out how to let go of even my deepest fears. I took decisive action that shifted me out of the darkness.

The next chapter of my life began to unfold beautifully. Life became fun again – hard to imagine when you are in the depths of despair I know – but in all honesty it did. I started to open my heart and laugh a lot. Helping others.

Feeling strong. Making new friends. Doing the stuff I love – travelling, dinner parties, writing, dancing in my underwear, dressing up, dining out. Loving my clients. Loving my family. Building my business. Laughing out loud, singing out of tune, complimenting strangers and being unapologetically me. And attracting SO much love!

And because I have been where you are, I know that you can create a happy life too.

You can bring the joy back and if you want to speed up the process, don’t go it alone. Your challenges can take you out or they can become the launch pad for the greatest success and happiness you have ever experienced.

It’s rough facing a crisis and figuring out a solution on your own. With the support of someone who has been where you are, you can get through this and to a place of happiness sooner than you can even imagine.

YOU DON’T have to stay stuck in misery or mediocrity for one moment LONGER…

I get you. And you deserve a mentor. Having a mentor will get you through this so much faster and easier. I am here for you.


From Hell to HAPPINESS


Work one-on-one with me for 90 days to go from a place of misery and struggle to a place of happiness and success. You will have mentorship, guidance, and a trusted, safe space to vent, learn and grow.


  • Being truly happy again and enjoying your life
  • Waking up without the feeling of dread – that pit in your stomach
  • Discovering what else is possible for you in this season in your life and feeling  excited about it
  • Living life on your terms without feeling guilty or controlled by others
  • Knowing that you have the power to create the next chapter of your life and  making it the best one yet

You absolutely can transform this challenging situation you’re in, and I’m here to help you do it. In fact, this can be the starting point of the absolute best time of your life! It was for me and I know how to turn our darkest moments into the Launchpad for our greatest happiness and achievement.

It is your time to discover what CAN be next for you!

It’s your time to sing in the shower, to giggle, to compliment, to be complimented. To be loved and adored. To live where you want. To laugh heartily with your head back. To feel excited with anticipation. It’s your time to be fulfilled, to feel passionate and purposeful, to do what you want, be who you are, and love every moment.

Are you ready to Love Your Life and be excited about your Future?

Are you ready to Love Your Life & be excited about your Future?

If you are, don’t waste another minute of your precious life in pain and struggle. And then the unthinkable happened. Now you face an uncertain future.

SCHEDULE a complimentary 45-minute discovery call with me to learn
how your life can change with the “FROM Hell TO HAPPINESS” exclusive mentorship here…

Schedule a Call

What will it feel like if 6 months from now you are still stuck in the same place?

You know your life is meant to be better than this. And you also know that you need some help to get to that betterplace.

You are ready and I know that because you are reading this. There are no coincidences in this world and you know that this is your call to action.

It’s Your Time to Be Happy!

I know what it’s like to waste time in fear and misery, to feel stuck in a bad place that feels never-ending. And I know what it’s like to thrive, to be happy now and to be excited about the future. There is just no comparison and living in fear and misery for even one more day is one day too many. There is a proven formula that works and I cannot wait to share it with you!


Jacquie has taught me the strength that lies in “stepping out” in all aspects of life and showing the world who I am and being proud of it! I was running my business more like a hobby when I started working with her. Now I make it a priority! Also, I was single when I hired Jacquie and had been for about 3 years. As a result of Jacquie’s guidance, I am now dating a kind, loving wonderful man. He is everything I have been ‘looking’ for. I can’t thank Jacquie enough!

Kim McKay

Montreal, Canada

Jacquie is the person who has inspired and encouraged me the most in my life and who has also inspired faith in me more than any other. She is someone I can truly be myself with, with all my vulnerabilities and fears as well as my trengths, which she is always quick to remind me of. I am now mentally ready and on the path to becoming a happy millionaire!

Robert Hamer

London, UK

Jacquie became an amazing support system for me. She helped me work through a difficult relationship break up, health problems, as well as taking my business and career in a new direction!!

Jennifer Ruggiero

New York, USA

Jacquie’s attention and insight have become essential for me in navigating though challenging situations. People with strong personalities and an ability to succeed need all the support they can get – we just need professionals of Jacquie’s caliber to provide it.

Carol Baker

Toronto, Canada

Jacquie is my coach! She is smart, down to earth, and her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor are truly inspirational. She has shown me that today’s challenges can become tomorrow’s positive experiences. Her leadership qualities have guided me to a whole new career and I love it!

Doris Karvonen

Kelowna, Canada

Here’s what the “FROM Hell TO HAPPINESS” private mentorship includes:

  • An initial 2 –hour one-on-one coaching intensive session so we  can really dig deep into what is troubling you
  • A one hour one-on-one coaching session every week for 90  days so that you are heard, understood and inspired
  • Unlimited email contact and support from me personally for  the full 90 days so you never feel alone and confused
  • Coaching via Skype or FaceTime. Sessions can be recorded so  you can refer back when needed
  • Email support and follow-up for an additional 90 days so that you never feel  abandoned or slip back  into struggle

THIS EXCLUSIVE and life-changing mentorship is not for everyone. This is only FOR YOU IF:

  • You are open-minded
  • You are ready for change
  • You are willing to learn

  • You are sick and tired of  being stuck where you are
  • You have a strong desire  to be happy

Your challenging times can take you out or they can become the launch pad for the happiest and most successful time of your life.

By choosing the Hell to Happiness private Mentorship, you CAN make this time of crisis the most significant turning point in your life. A turning point that leads to the greatest happiness and success you’ve experienced so far.

Are you ready to make your challenges the ideal foundation on which you build your dream life? Don’t let your challenging times destroy you. Use them instead to create your greatest chapter so far.


The investment for the From Hell to Happiness Private Mentorship is U.S. $5000.

HOWEVER, because you are a member of the 
JS Community you have the opportunity to purchase this

exclusive mentorship for


or 3 monthly installments of $1200 for a limited time.

WHAT IS turning your life around really WORTH TO YOU?

When you reclaim happiness, success follows. You become the master of your destiny – living the life YOU desire and not one defined by crises out of your control.

Yes Jacquie, I'm In!