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Courageously and Sensually follow your Heart and trust your Feminine Soul to Peace, Love and Wealth.



Feminine Magnetism Miracle!

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You want to fulfill your calling but not at the expense of your soul.
You want success without struggle.
You desire passionate love but not if it breaks your heart.

You want to risk following your heart, living and loving fearlessly, but you want to feel SAFE.

Safe to be yourself, Safe to be sensual. Safe to be wealthy. Safe to love passionately and to trust yourself. Safe.

You’re ready to realize your Magnificence.

To walk as one with the Divine in absolute faith. Never doubting your self again. Never EVER struggling again.

You’re tired of the grind. “Hustle” brings you no joy.

And I know you’re sick of hovering around the fringes of your potential, just catching glimpses of your greatness only to lose it with the next wave of self-doubt.

You are so not alone.

Hi! I’m Jacquie Somerville

Applying the art of feminine magnetism and honoring my soul has made me millions of dollars and brought extraordinary amounts of love and passion into my life. 

It’s made perfect sense of everything that’s ever happened and enabled me to tailor make my destiny with absolute faith and peaceful certainty.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

There have been times when I succumbed to immense fear and doubt. Many times when I got stuck in the struggle and bought into masculine principles of success – hustle, fight, grind – with devastating results.

But that all changed when a cataclysmic event took me to my knees and in that moment of truth I realized that I had manifested it all. Chosen it all.

I realized that life had always presented me with opportunities to experience my FULLEST glory…to honor my calling. But I’d delayed the realization of my highest self and experienced hell in the process…because I’d doubted, worried. Played small. Lived in fear of losing what I had. Can you relate? And I’d bought into the masculine teachings of grind and hustle. Deprive. Chase. Fight.

I’d let my mind and body ignore my feminine soul!

In that moment of truth, everything changed. This time I let my feminine soul run the show with absolute unshakable faith. And LOVE took over.

I became about as close to fearless as a human can be, femininely fearless that is, self-assured, and deeply confident, and I have to tell you, nothing feels better!

So I’ve obsessively distilled all I learned through crazy experimentation, manifesting millions, living and loving passionately, and 2 decades of knowledge gained in the tutelage of many of the world’s greatest coaches, into a unique and magnificent process known as the Feminine Magnetism Miracle!

And just like a miracle, it can happen overnight.

It is what it takes to experience absolute fulfillment, and in that place:

There is nothing you cannot have.
There is nothing you cannot do.
There is nothing you cannot be.

And you can have it ALL with Grace. Magnetically.

You get to choose.

So are you ready to drop the struggle and to discover what it means to fearlessly and sensually follow your heart?


You are passionately and lovingly invited to apply for one of just 12 spots to the most extraordinary event you’ll ever experience:

The Feminine Magnetism Miracle!

You will go on a journey of Sensuality, Spirituality, Success and Splendor in 2-1/2 days of luxury and learning like you have never experienced in your life.

You will make peace with all that has happened in your life so far – everything that ended before you thought it should, everything that lasted longer than you thought it ought to have – every relationship that crashed, every “failure” you thought you’d experienced – You’re going to make peace with it all.

And when you do, you’ll access your zone of genius, that place where you effortlessly create the destiny that you’ve always known was in you – from a place of love and peace.

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Feminine Magnetism Miracle Discovery Call!

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Your soul is crying out for more love. But the mind and body fear rejection.

The soul is crying out for more success but the mind is trained to keep you safe…

…so you get stuck in the gap…The gap that exists between your dreams and the life you’re currently living… the gap that exists between your potential and your present choices. The gap that gets filled with self- doubt, second guessing, questioning, over-thinking, fear, worry, playing small.

In this retreat we close the gap. Completely.

You will align with your vision. Body soul and mind working as one. No longer in conflict with yourself. No longer in fear. Safe.

You will know what you are and are not available for going forward.
You will choose your destiny with crystal clear clarity.
The fearless feminine! You choose. No more chasing just effortlessly attracting.

You’re magnetic, sensual, successful, sexy, and loving.

Yes, become as close to fearless as a human can be, femininely fearless that is, loving, self-assured, deeply confident and absolutely magnetic!  Your life will never be the same again.

This is your moment.
Spend 2 1/2 days with me and 11 other remarkable, like-minded women from around the world and be in awe of yourself.

In this magical place you will find the safety to claim who you are with wholehearted courage like you’ve never experienced before. It is where you access unshakable faith and deep love for yourself. It is where you are loved, supported, cherished and guided. Safe.

Right now in this moment, your soul has created an opportunity for you to be, do and have what it takes to be who you really are.

What will you choose?

You feminine soul waits and watches as it has many times before.

With Grace. Fearless yet Feminine. Grounded yet Magnetic.

Are you Ready?

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The Delicious Details

The Feminine Magnetism Miracle includes 2 hours of one-on-one private coaching sessions with me before the retreat. This will set you up to truly transform your life in the 2 1/2 spectacular days that follow.

The Luxurious Feminine Magnetism Retreat is taking place at the 5 Star Viceroy Hotel on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California.

Dates: Oct 12, 13 and 14. 2018

We begin at 6pm on Friday October 12 with a magnificent 4 course Private Chef catered dinner by the ocean. Get to know your sisters while indulging your senses and expanding your experience.

Over 2 full days, Saturday and Sunday, in a gorgeous setting, you will make peace with all that is, was and will be.

You will realize the true calling of your soul.
What you are and are not available for in your precious life going forward.
Who you truly are will reveal itself to you in all your magnificence.
You will fall deeply in love with yourself.

You will get crystal clear clarity on what to choose. Yes, you get to CHOOSE.

And you will depart with a knowing, not a scant hope, but a deep knowing, that what you choose is on its way effortlessly.

You will reveal a fully realized, magnetic woman. Sensual. Irresistibly magnetic to love, wealth, opportunity, freedom – magnetic to whatever you choose.

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Happy Clients say:

Jacquie’s personal story & life philosophy are enough to leave your jaw dropping in awe. Her fierce nature to live her most passionate, sexy and abundant life magnetically draws your attention and inspires you to do the same. Your life is forever changed!

Shawn Neff

I have never felt so free! Finally, I feel SO close to my dreams!

Tanya Nielsen

Jacquie has taught me the strength that lies in “stepping out” in all aspects of life and showing the world who I am and being proud of it! …Also, I was single when I hired Jacquie and had been for about 3 years. As a result of Jacquie’s guidance, I am now dating a kind, loving wonderful man. I can’t thank Jacquie enough!

Kim McKay

This entire experience is priceless… To be coached by Jacquie is the best decision that I ever made!

Amanda Garrett

I was facing some significant challenges in my marriage. How can I balance being the strong, independent breadwinner with my desire to have a man that leads? I was super frustrated and on the verge of divorce when I met Jacquie. I first read her book, and then got coached by her in Paris…I went from being an angry, ungrateful, nagging wife who constantly screamed and shut her husband out, to a woman full of passion and gratitude!

Kathy Haan

I’m excited and energized about my future at last!

Camille Razaar

…Whip smart, witty and wise, Jacquie’s approach to life is admirable, inspiring and attainable. Her perspectives, insights and ideas have transformed my life. And she’s just someone you want to know, spend time with, and learn from.

Lisa Steadman


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Sending so much love,

Jacquie XO