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Become Irresistible to the Passionate Love Life You Crave!

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ATTRACT THE Passionate Life


You hunger for the kind of love and passion that makes you feel as if everything is possible.

You want to feel ALIVE! At peace but with a fire inside that thrills and excites you…

No more waiting in the wings. No more hiding your glory. You have so much love to give.
So much passion you’re ready to unleash!

You’re done with feeling lonely and so overflowing with love but no one to share it with, spending one more night longing for the passionate partner who wants you, takes you, and thrills you.

You yearn to be liberated from the fear of rejection and hurt. I know you’re DONE with holding back and playing small.

You are ready for the perfect partnership and you are ready NOW. I understand. The wait is over.

Hello! I am Jacquie Somerville, the founder of the Divine Vixen Mentorship. Welcome!

Passion, Love and a deep self-confidence define my life but it wasn’t always this way…

Before I developed a magnetic aura and the sexy confidence to attract great love and passion into my life on my own terms, I felt envious of couples who shared electrifying chemistry. I wanted what they had. A thrilling connection. Companionship. I wanted confident and passionate sex. To be cherished and desired. I yearned to feel sexy and alive.

But was that even possible? I’d vacillate between feeling certain that my spectacular lover and the life I craved was just around the corner, and hopeless feelings of doubt and fear that my best days were behind me. Have you ever felt that way? What if I was destined to never experience the kind of love and passion I craved? Was it reserved only for the “lucky” ones?

God, I hated the doubt and the half-hearted living because I knew deep down that I was meant for so much more. I was bursting at the seams with love, desire and bound-up passion!

My untapped potential was eating me up, and instinctively I knew that love and passion held the key to my fire! I HAD to do something!

So I went on a journey…
My quest has been to experience everything. To push the boundaries of normally accepted practices, to know what it’s like to be rich, poor, married, divorced, drowning in fear or swimming in an ocean of riches. Oh yes, I just had to experience marriage, divorce, a wedding in Vegas, a young Muslim lover, a gay husband, a forbidden affair, and being a wealthy, kept woman, living a sexless existence, juggling multiple homes and riches beyond my wildest dreams — all the while searching for passion and purpose.

Then I fell deeply in love with a much younger man and followed my heart on a thrilling ride of love, lust, fear, sorrow and spellbinding passion. When we were apart I wanted him with a hunger and longing so powerful it drove me to throw all caution to the wind, to uproot my life, face my biggest fears, and finally risk being seen in ALL my glory.

All the while I studied, read, observed, pushed through my comfort zone – again and again and again (so you don’t have to) until I had the BREAKTHROUGH that I so desperately craved—I developed the sexy transformational process that radically changed my life.

I learned sexiness! I sharpened my wits, discovered my magnetic aura, tuned into the Divine Source, and completely transformed my life. YOU CAN TOO.

I have a dream
I dream of a world in which every woman experiences the kind of passion that sets her heart on fire and engulfs her soul – to live and love with an intensity so powerful it drives her to throw all caution to the wind. With that kind of passion everything is possible!


Divine Vixen

Become a sexy, confident and irresistible MAGNET to the love life that sets your soul on FIRE… You crave Enchanting Love. Deep Affection. Spellbinding Passion.

Let’s just say it. You want a spectacular partnership. A shared vision for the future, rocking sex, passionate affection, similar values, great communication, he’s masculine but loves the feminine, he compliments your life, supports you, cherishes you, WANTS you. He’s grounded, sexy, fascinating and has a great curiosity for life. You want to feel alive with thrilling possibility and electrifying chemistry.

It’s your time to Become Irresistible to the Love & Passion you crave.

You’re called to follow your heart. Trust your gut. To live a passionate life unencumbered by the opinion of others and the pressure to tow the line.

It’s YOUR time to master your feminine intuition and unleash your sexy confidence.

Just Imagine…

  • Walking into a room and watching the heads turn – not because of how tight your skirt is but because of your magnetism, your aura!
  • Feeling at Peace and calling in your passionate life with ease – in sexy sync with the Universe
  • Being with your spectacular partner because you want him – not because you need him. Feeling deeply self-assured and grounded yet aware of your own greatness
  • Having the best sex of your life…consistently! Feeling loved, respected, cherished and desired
  • Having sexy, feminine and intuitive control over your own magnificent destiny — effortlessly manifesting ALL your heart’s desires
  • Feeling on fire, alive and capable of ANYTHING!

In my dream I see a world in which every woman becomes irresistible to all that she desires. She’s magnetic. Alluring. Audacious. She dreams big sexy dreams!

Oh yes, it is my lifelong dream that every woman experience the kind of love and passion that makes her know that everything is possible… Because everything is possible…

Join me and become Irresistible to the Passionate Life and Love you seek!

Ready to find out more?

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Take charge of your magnificent future. Become a true Divine Vixen – A sexy woman in control of your own destiny, a confident, magnetic woman in love.

The Exclusive Divine Vixen Private Mentorship
is for you if you are:

  • Longing to feel alive, sexy, desired, and in love!
  • Stuck in a mundane and passionless partnership or single and done with it
  • Hungry for adventure, passion, affection and burning desire
  • Stuck on the treadmill of a mediocre life, unable to re-ignite the fire within
  • Craving the kind of sexy confidence that enables you to get whatever you want and  have FUN along the way!
  • Ready to take feminine and intuitive charge of your own Destiny!

A Divine Vixen is a sexy, confident, deeply secure woman who lives a passionate life.

She’s unencumbered by the opinions of others or the pressure to tow the line.

She’s a woman who co-creates her thrilling life in sexy sync with the Universe and is tuned into her feminine brilliance.

She has sexy and alluring power over her own destiny.

She’s passionately in love.

She’s wild yet wise, naughty and nice, sexy and sophisticated!

Are you Ready?

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I know you are ready to feel beautiful and sexy. Cherished. Desired. Calm. Passionate. Alive. In this moment, you are younger than you’ll ever be.

There has never been a better time to take back your sexy Power to create your own passionate destiny.

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I was single when I started working with Jacquie and had been for almost 3 years. I knew what I was looking for but was just not finding him. Jacquie encouraged me to have more fun with the process and taught me how to give the universe something to work with. I’ve been dating a kind, loving wonderful man for a year now. He is really everything I’ve been looking for! I can’t thank Jacquie enough.

Kim McKay

Quebec, CANADA

I was facing some significant challenges in my marriage. How can I balance being the strong, independent breadwinner with my desire to have a man that leads? I was super frustrated and on the verge of divorce when I met Jacquie. I first read her book, and then got coached by her in Paris. She helped me uncover the real root of distention in our marriage. I went from being an angry, ungrateful, nagging wife who constantly screamed and shut her husband out, to a woman full of passion and gratitude. This not only helped out our marriage, but my children can now witness the fire and spark that marriages should have, and my business is thriving with all of the support from my husband who leads. You won’t regret working with Jacquie.

Kathy Haan

Minnesota, USA
Business Coach

Jacquie’s personal story & life philosophy are enough to leave your jaw dropping in awe. Her fierce nature to live her most passionate, sexy and abundant life magnetically draws your attention and inspires you to do the same. Your life is forever changed.

Shawn Neff

Michigan, USA

I am excited and energized about my future at last! Jacquie has the keen ability to cut through the issues and zero in on the problem. She always offers a solution I can embrace!

Camille Razaar


I began coaching with Jacquie when a relationship was ending in my life and she got me through my darkest days. That breakup almost broke my heart, and Jacquie guided me to mending and healing it on my own. I found my inner “Divine Vixen” in the process! I followed my gut to the man who means the world to me. I know now that I am enough, and Jacquie always knew it! I am a strong, sexy, confident, powerful and wealthy woman- A mantra I will never give up. To coach with Jacquie is the best decision I’ve ever made!

Amanda Garrett

Ontario, Canada

Jacquie inspired me to finally put myself out there. I followed her advice and now, within a few weeks, I’m dating a great guy and having SO much fun with him. He’s been exceeding all my expectations, even the higher one’s Jacquie encouraged me to set!

Jana Sibson

Michigan, USA

Jacquie’s attention and insight have become essential for me in navigating though challenging situations. People with strong personalities and an ability to succeed need all the support they can get – we just need professionals of Jacquie’s caliber to provide it.

Carol Baker

Ontario, Canada

It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone come into your life who inspires you to step up and take center stage – Thank you Jacquie Somerville!

Cindy Martin



YOU don’t have to wait another minute to feel sexy, powerful, irresistible – to take charge of your magnificent future and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

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Here’s what the Divine Vixen Private 3 month Mentorship includes:

  • An initial 2 –hour one-on-one coaching intensive session so we can really dig deep into what you crave and what needs to be done to create your sexy, magnetic aura so that you begin to attract passion immediately!
  • A one hour one-on-one coaching session every week for 90 days so that you are heard, understood, inspired and guided every step of the way to your new life of sexy confidence, Passionate Love and Thrilling adventure!
  • Guidance through my proven steps to Super-Sexy Confidence and Sizzling self-love so that you are ready for the passionate life you desire!
  • If you’re single, you will receive step by step guidance through every aspect of the dating process so that it’s fun and fruitful for you!
  • Liberation from feeling self-conscious and emancipation from any sexual hang-ups that may be holding you back from sizzling sex and passionate love
  • The art of flirtation and smart seduction so that you become irresistible to the partnership you desire
  • Unlimited email and text contact and support from me personally for the full 90 days so you never feel alone and confused about what to do next on your journey to Passionate Love and your thrilling destiny
  • Coaching via Zoom. Sessions are recorded so you can refer back when needed

There is an inexplicable peace, a deep-rooted joy, and unbridled fearlessness that comes from tapping in to our sexy power. Our sexy, intuitive, feminine brilliance holds the key to our ultimate happiness!

But how do you tap into it with ease?

Let’s Talk. Discover the Divine Vixen Private Mentorship in a personal and complimentary one-on-one call with me right now. Click here to book.

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If attracting the love and passion you desire in your life has not happened for you yet, chances are it won’t until you implement a totally different approach – one that has you feeling like you’re on fire, a magnetic confident woman, deeply secure and capable of anything!

Life is too short for struggle, and certainly too short to live in a state of longing for one more moment. The love and passion you desire is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to rise up and meet it.

So I invite you to do just that in my exclusive Divine Vixen Mentorship where you will become a magnet for love, passion and thrilling opportunity!

You deserve a mentor who has been where you are, who knows how to become a sexy
magnet for love and wild passion – a mentor who gets you and who will guide you every step of the way.

You are not alone in this.


You are younger than you will ever be.

Don’t put your sexy, passionate and abundant life on hold for one more moment. You have SO much love to give and so much to share with your spectacular partner.

I invite you to experience a complimentary no strings attached call with me to personally discover The Divine Vixen Private Mentorship.

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I am so excited to witness your passionate transformation!

Sending so much love and sexy strength,

Jacquie XO