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We make excuses constantly and that’s what keeps us from making progress, and here’s the thing: We make excuses because of FEAR. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Of loss, success, of judgment.  And yet we all know that everything we want is on the other side of fear. But how do we move through our fears and do it gracefully?

There is a very special event that’s coming up in LA in October. Fear will be a thing of the past for you.

I mention it in today’s video and while I

Are you sick of the struggle and ready to become the kind of person who effortlessly and happily attracts what you desire in this glorious thing we call life?

Although as usual, there is more to today's episode than the title suggests and it contains some gems about what it takes to be a magnetic human – someone who lives life to the fullest and effortlessly attracts love and opportunity.

In this week's episode of Jacquie Straight Up, we’re continuing on with the theme of Feminine Magnetism  - How to become a more magnetic woman so that you effortlessly attract love and wealth in a sensual and peaceful way – How fabulous!

Today’s super-short video is a superb reminder to treat yourself with love and care – and since we cannot give what we don’t have, it’ll also improve the lives of all those you interact with.

Why hustle and struggle when you can magnetically attract?

It’s weird and wacky to say it but I’m beseeching you to give up your hardcore goals…(and replace them with something far more loving!)

How often have you fallen short of your big goals or not made any progress on them at all? You’re so not alone. I’ve done that many times. And because of that, I decided to try a new approach. Something so much more loving and feminine and guess what? It works like a CHARM!

So this is probably the question I get asked the most:
How do you live your life without worrying about the opinions and judgments of others? (And do that with grace…)
I answer with an even more telling question – One that if you stop and ponder, can have a very powerful effect on how you choose to live your life going forward.
Your soul is calling to you. Don’t push it aside in order to comply with the opinions of others.
When we ignore our soul, the consequences are regret and an unfulfilled life.
When we

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