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“Jacquie leads by example. As a speaker, she inspires audiences to take important risks, be bold, stand up for themselves, and to embrace living adventurously, regardless of what anyone thinks. Her stories are hilarious and her message to the world is positive and moving in all the right ways.” ~ Vanessa Reddin, Event Co-ordinator

You won’t find another motivational speaker like Jacquie Somerville. She’s bold. She’s irreverent. She’s funny. Known as the Queen of Courage and Confidence, she’s a natural born storyteller and self-professed normalphobe.

Jacquie draws on a lifetime of challenging and rewarding experiences – a lifetime of pushing the envelope, taking big risks and challenging the status quo. She’s been married a few times, immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her gut to a life of excitement, adventure, passion and purpose.

As a speaker, Jacquie’s quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after voices for people who are ready to tap into their full potential and live a thrilling life of courage, confidence, and clarity. Her signature keynote Break the Rules for a Kick Ass Life: The Normalphobe’s Guide to Scandalous Success is being touted as THE manifesto for the 21st century woman.

Jacquie believes that one of the keys to a successful life is to be responsible but NOT sensible! She shows audiences how to become magnets for the opportunities and people that will catapult them to the successful, adventurous, and exciting lives they deserve.

Want more info? Download Jacquie’s Speaker Info Kit by clicking here.


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