My Scandalous Little Rule Book

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Buckle up folks, this is one wild ride.

Part naughty memoir, part advice column, the book irreverently and poignantly spells out Jacquie's rules to embracing risk, challenging the perceived "norm," and living a fuller, more exciting life.

Using her "insane" stories (real-life escapades) to illustrate her practical, "sane" solutions, Jacquie shows you how to be your own soul mate, reject medocrity, and achieve a life without regrets.

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My Fat Little Rule Book

If you're going to be your own soul mate, you gotta love yourself.

And the easiest way to love yourself is to look and feel the best you possibly can, achieved by taking action and doing those things that are within your control.

For many of us -- including Jacquie -- this means dealing with the extra weight.

Jacquie knows how tough this is. She's been there. For years she struggled with "the evil and obstinate last ten pounds" -- a weight, both figuratively and literally, that clung to her and screamed, "failure." (A particularly brutal reminder when one is obsessed with fashion!)

But year after frustrating year of bouncing from one weight loss plan to another, she finally did it. She listened to her own body, and figured out what worked for her. And so can you.

Discover the 15 rules that Jacquie developed -- ones that allowed her to achieve her goal weight, and finally realize a dream she had been chasing for years. No gimmicks, no tricks, just plain -- and humorous -- common sense advice.

Learn from Jacquie. Do what you can with what you have. Begin truly loving yourself, and move towards being your own soul mate. Buy your copy TODAY.

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Be Your Own Soul Mate Video Program


A unique, rocking, crazy, life-changing, in-depth, online video program Be Your Own Soul Mate takes you through Jacquie's signature success system that will catapult you into a life of love, wealth, adventure and freedom!

Here’s what this course is designed to do:

  • Give you the power and confidence to grab life by the balls and live a life of adventure so that you feel fully and completely alive!
  • Expose your ability to create your own wealth from your life’s purpose and passion.
  • Empower you with the freedom to love completely and with an open heart, no longer fearing rejection or failure! (You will have the confidence to allow yourself to be vulnerable.)
  • Remove the blocks that keep you stuck in mediocrity and that keep you from living the exciting life that you crave.
  • Learn how to become a magnet for the opportunities and the people that will catapult you to the fabulous life you deserve.
  • Generate your sexy power so that you have the confidence to get what you want!

Get what you want. Be who you are. Realize your full potential. Be your own Soul Mate. This life is yours for the taking. (BTW, you are already complete!)

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Be Your Own Soul Mate Audio Program


The audio version of Jacquie’s ground-breaking Be Your Own Soul Mate video training series, these downloadable MP3 files are perfect for the iPod or listening in your vehicle. (This is a virtual program.)

Take Jacquie’s in-depth training with you on the go, and listen in as she walks you step-by-step through her signature success system for creating the life you want and deserve, transforming you from the inside-out.

Discover the secrets to finding courage and confidence, and learn how to bust through society’s “rules” that have been holding you back. Module by module, you’ll develop the inner strength needed to take the risks required to live up to your phenomenal potential.

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One-on-One Coaching

Learn to challenge yourself.

Learn to attract love.

Learn to live a life of wow!


Jacquie’s straightforward sessions are all about YOU, and will empower you to take risks, live with authenticity, and find your life’s passions and purpose.

Forget merely existing. It's time to start really LIVING! Experience personal, impactful, one-on-one coaching with "Life Catalyst" Jacquie Somerville. Get started today!

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