On January 20th, I attended a Wine Dinner at my Country Club here in California – it was a beautiful six course meal featuring the wines of Napa Valley’s Grgich Hills Estate and presenting the entertaining 89- year-old owner and winemaker, Mr. Miljenko “Mike” Grgich.

Grgich Hills makes some lovely wines and they are particularly known for their Chardonnay. I stumbled (OK, so not a good word under the circumstances) upon it one day after my long Chardonnay drought was over. You see, in my 20’s, I used to go out every Friday night (to the patio at Bridges on Vancouver’s Granville Island in the summer) and drink utterly too many glasses of cheap Australian Chard, so laced with oak essence it makes my tongue curl to even think about it.

I absolutely LOVE a good clutch. I am one of those girls who will never be seen after dark with a large tote, handbag or shoulder bag. No, for me, it’s all about gorgeous bags made for night and my preference is always a clutch.

There are some spectacular fashion trends out there for the upcoming Spring season and I am particularly drawn to neon as many of you already know, and I rather love the whole tribal thing that’s going on again. The new season colors are thrilling to say the least particularly chartreuse, mint, lime, fuschia, yellow, pink, silver and orange.

I was armed with my knowledge of upcoming trends when I went off to the outlet mall here near Palm Springs a few days ago.

“Dear Jacquie,
I was recently approached by a man, who for some reason, thought I was some sort of animal he would like to take home and mount on his wall. (Okay, so I’ll be honest, I kind of like that – there’s a reason why I own leopard heels.)

But after our first “outing,” it took him five days to contact me again (via email). Whatever happened to the “chase”? Not only am I now bored, but what’s his name again…oh yeah, I forgot…

Am I giving out the wrong vibe? What do you do when you like being in the game, but don’t want to be “Tag you’re it”. Do you have the rules to “engage”?

-Hunted in Heels

Dear Hunted in heels,
You like being in the game so jump in, leopard pumps and all, and play it for all it’s worth.

As some of you know, I attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival gala on Saturday night. It was a glamorous affair sponsored by Cartier and Mercedes Benz, hosted by Mary Hart and attended by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, Al Pacino and Glen Close to name a few.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier postings, I have never been one for heroes and so it follows that I am not someone who gets remotely starstruck. I found it rather telling when I was so much more excited about putting a fabulous outfit together for Saturday night than I was about rubbing shoulders with “Hollywood A-listers.” And then in the frenzy of it all, I was fascinated by my observations and feelings in the moment.

I LOVE new beginnings…call me fickle but I thrive on change and the excitement of new opportunities. I was in a store today and I heard a man respond to an inquiry about his New Year so far and he said, “Well, it’s just another day…it’s like a birthday. Who cares anymore? It’s just another day.” I felt like grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking some sense into him. Yes, it’s just a date on a calendar, but how sad to miss the symbolism of it all. It is a symbolic opportunity to change things in your life that have not been working for you; to set some new goals; to strive to improve, to achieve, to accomplish and to succeed.