MESMERIZING! Best Storyteller EVER! Mind Blowing! I was on the EDGE of my Seat! Fifty Shades of TRUTH! You’ll want to lite up a cigarette! Called my husband from the theatre. He’s going to be one happy man tonight! Smoldering! Hold on to your seat! Captivating! YOU do NOT want to Miss This!

Live from Los Angeles,




After Dark

Jacquie Somerville

You’re invited to an exclusive evening
to hear a TRUE love story for the ages.

You’ll cry.

You’ll laugh.

You will never think of love, passion
and sex the same way again!

…He pushed the barstool back, put his enormous hand under my chin and softly, perfectly and spectacularly kissed me.

Holy hell the man could kiss.

“Take off your clothes,” he whispered.
“Take off your clothes”….

“This woman’s story will blow your mind, thrill your body, and shake up your love life FOREVER!”

Join us for a
sensational night
that will reignite your

Reawaken Your Soul

Open your heart to love like never before

And…Tempt you with your
staggering potential

Be Taken To The Edge…

Hailed as one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Jacquie Somerville is a bestselling author and world-renowned passion coach.

Her irreverent sense of humor and seemingly fearless approach to love and sex, result in a provocative, unique and most entertaining show.

Innovative and charismatic, Jacquie ignites and inspires audiences with her sensational and “forbidden” true story of intense love and smoldering lust.

Her infectious energy and tell-it-like-it-is persona are refreshing and utterly captivating.

Jacquie admits to feeling self-conscious in the past, struggling with massive self-doubt and fretting about her thighs in the throes of passion.

Spending years in passionless partnerships, she never completely threw her body, heart and soul over the bar, never entirely losing herself in the bliss and sheer pleasure of unbridled intimacy.

That is until at 46, a Beautiful and passionate young man entered her world and rocked and shocked her carefully curated life.

This is the story of how that troubled, loving, sexy, crazy, deep, messed up, passionate, wild young man took her to staggering emotional depths of despair and physical heights of ecstasy few ever experience.

It’s about how loving him split open her heart and exposed her soul to the true meaning of unconditional love and the staggering and underestimated power of white-hot passion.

She discovered that a human being possessed by love feels capable of doing the impossible; that pushing the envelope, sexual experimentation, and saying YES results in a connection so deep it can never be broken. Not even by murder or betrayal.

Jacquie makes no apologies and asks for permission from no one. This story ignites fire in people they didn’t know they had!

She was born and raised in South Africa, is a Canadian citizen and a resident of Los Angeles, California.

The first time I saw her leave the stage she was MOBBED… Couldn’t get to her for hours! This woman is a STAR. She has ‘it’.

Sharla Brown

President Keynote Events and founder of
One Woman International, Alberta

Sexy and elegant – I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Diondai Whitfield Brown

Audience member Chicago

This is the resurgence of sex! Babies will be born 9 months from this show!

LaTasha M. Bailey

Life Coach and CFO – The Lifted Lifestyle®, Texas

My man has no idea what he’s going to get tonight! Jacquie made me think of him in a totally different way. She opened up my eyes to what I already have right there at home!

Tresa Williams

Audience member. Washington DC

I’ve seen her change lives with this story!

Leslie Roberts

CTV Morning Show host, Ottawa, Ontario

Amazing! Her story filled me with hope. Hope that there’s more love and more life for me. Her energy is magnificent…if you could inject some of that every day there would be nothing you could not do.

Melissa Jackson

Audience member. Nashville, TN

OMG I now believe that passion is AGELESS!

Robin Joy Meyers

Author, Ted X Speaker and Coach, Virginia

Enlightening and invigorating – She lights a flame! Take your lady to the show!

Chaz Bailey

COO, The Lifted Lifestyle®, Texas

“And that voice! That accent! I could listen to this woman all night long!

When I sensed her getting to the end I was like ‘NOOOOO!! Please don’t let it be over!!’ Best storyteller I’ve EVER heard. And the most amazing thing is that it’s all true!”

No more waiting in the wings. No more hiding your glory. You have so much love to give. So much passion you’re ready to unleash!

After tonight,

If you’re single, you won’t be for long…

If you’re coupled, your relationship will never be the same again…

Be prepared to push the envelope

Be prepared to set your soul on fire


Be prepared to love like never before.

Start the fire.
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Date: Thursday, February 6, 2020
Time: 7pm
Place: Delta Hotel and Conference Centre, 120 New Gower Street,
St John’s NL A1C6K4

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Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020
Time: 7pm
Place: Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel
1919 Upper Water St, Halifax, NS, B3J 3J5

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Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020
Time: 7pm
Place: TBA
San Jose, CA

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There are 2 ticket tiers to choose from:

• VIP Access – Extremely limited. Enjoy front of the room seating and a private Champagne reception with Jacquie after the show.

Plus VIP guests receive a signed copy of Jacquie’s latest book spilling all the secrets you’ll be dying to know…

VIP Sold Out

• General Admission

Please note that while this show is neither rude nor dirty, it is NOT for prudes. 

“She’s classy and sophisticated but you won’t believe what she says! She tells a provocative story in a beautiful and passionate way.
You’ll find yourself wanting passion, like NOW!”

The main presentation, Jacquie’s “edge of the seat” true life story of forbidden love, searing lust, and enduring passion, will be followed by 30 minutes of live Q and A where you get to ASK JACQUIE ANYTHING!

Bring your curiosity

Bring your questions about love, sex and relationships

Bring your open mind

Prepare to be amazed.

“YES”, “YES”, “YES”…
I’ll have what she’s having….

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